How To Stay Sane When You’re Sick Of Being Single

How To Stay Sane When You’re Sick Of Being Single ©iStock/Likhitha

There’s no point in being ashamed of your single status, but at the same time, we all eventually get to the point where we’ll lose it if we’re forced to go to another wedding sans-date. You’re allowed to get sick of being single, but even if it feels like your sanity can’t withstand another person asking why you’re still single, you’ll get through it.

  1. Remember the grass isn’t always greener. Being in a relationship isn’t inherently better than being single. By now you know that you’re always better off alone than with someone who’s wrong for you.
  2. Go on lots of dates. First dates can be a special kind of torture, but the reality is if you never put yourself out there, you’ll always be single. Even if most guys you go out with aren’t going to turn into your boyfriend, at least you’re trying, and you’ll have a little distraction from your single AF status every once in awhile.
  3. Spend time with your single friends. Hanging out with people in relationships all the time has a way of making you wish you had what they have. But your single friends can relate to the struggles of the dating scene and assure you that even though you’re single, you’re far from alone.
  4. Get into great shape. Guys are great at keeping you in bed longer on the weekends and encouraging you to eat junk food. But if you’re single you probably won’t eat out as much, and you’ll have more time to try out some new fitness classes. And you know meeting someone only gets easier when you’re looking and feeling your best.
  5. Do more things by yourself. When you deprive yourself of certain things because you think you can only do them with a significant other, you start to feel like you’re missing out. But who says you can’t go on a weekend road trip on your own? Or take yourself out to dinner at the new Thai place you’ve been dying to try? Life goes on whether you have a boyfriend or not, so you might as well live it.
  6. Work harder. Not that you should become a workaholic to cope with your loneliness or anything, but you might as well put in some extra hours now when you have the time. You’ll have a guy taking up half your time before you know it, so it’ll be nice to have your career on the right track by then.
  7. Get some hobbies. And no, binge watching Netflix is not a hobby. An art class, a volleyball league, a book club, anything that will get you out of the house and force you to meet new people outside of your comfort zone. Then you’ll have a lot less time to wallow at home lamenting your single status.
  8. Focus on the positive. When you’re sick of being single, you tend to start obsessing over all the bad things about it. But there’s still lots of good, so try to appreciate having the bed to yourself, being able to flirt with whoever you want, and never having to watch football if you don’t want to. Those things are still pretty great.
  9. Don’t try so hard. Guys can smell desperation a mile away, and it’s a turn off. You don’t need to latch on to every guy who gives you a little bit of attention. When you’re that invested in every guy who glances your way, it’s even harder to deal with when most of those potential relationships don’t work out.
  10. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Quit saying stuff like you’ll never find someone, or you’re going to be forever alone. It’s not true and it’s not helping. No one likes a whiner, so pull yourself together and figure out what you need to do to change your situation if that’s what you want.
  11. Be the version of yourself no guy could resist. If you’re busy living your life and going after the things you want, you’ll barely even notice you’re single. Guys want someone who has their life together and keeps things interesting. If that’s you, you’ll start attracting guys without even trying.
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