Stay Single Until You Find A Guy That Does Every Single One of These Things

Being single isn’t always a choice but it’s becoming one for plenty of women more and more every day. We’re finally starting to expect more from our significant others and demanding to be treated like the strong, vibrant creatures we are. We all know it’s better to continue to roll solo until we find a guy that’s actually worth coupling up with, but what does that actually look like?

He holds your hand without shame in public.

 Public displays of affection are OK in small doses and as long as they’re appropriate for public places. After all, there’s a line between #relationshipgoals and “get a room.” When you’re walking together and he suddenly grabs your hand and brings you closer to him, you feel that warm, tingly sensation that’s basically the best. It’s a simple act of love that makes you feel wanted by your guy.

He regularly sends the “text me when you’re home safely” text.

 When you’re out with friends or staying late at the office, it’s always nice when your guy cares about your safety and wants to ensure you get home alright at the end of the night. Knowing he worries about you isn’t only sweet, it shows just how much he actually cares.

He’s brutally honest and doesn’t waste your time with games.

The amount of immature games that happen in the dating scene on a regular basis now is definitely nauseating. It’s the worst feeling when you’re vibing well with a guy and he seems to be on the same page but then disappears without a trace. WTF? Wait to be in a relationship with a guy who’s completely honest with you about his feelings (and everything else) and doesn’t play games. If he wants to be in your life, he’ll make the effort and show you that he cares enough about you not to mess with your head.

He wants to foot the bill even though he knows (and respects) that you can pay your own way.

 The “who pays?” debate has been going on for a LONG time. While both parties on a date should be happy to pay their half, there’s nothing like a chivalrous guy who wants to treat you just because. This doesn’t have to happen every time you go out, of course—you should also be happy to pick up the bill sometimes—but no one wants to date a penny-pinching Scrooge.

He encourages you to pursue your dreams and goals.

There’s no bigger turn-off than a guy who’s so intimidated by a woman’s goals and dreams that he belittles them in order to make himself feel less insecure. Your partner in crime needs to back you up whether you want to go back to college to pursue your passion, write a novel, or learn to play the trombone. No negativity allowed.

He not only meets your expectations, he exceeds them.

 Having standards for a relationship is so damn important when it comes to protecting your self-love and self-worth. If you don’t stand for anything then you’ll fall for everything. You’ll let a guy walk all over you and use you and you’re better than that. Once you meet a guy who not only meets all of your standards but goes above and beyond them, it’s time to change your FB status.

He gives you butterflies every time you see him.

When you start seeing someone new, you get those instant butterflies and can’t help but break into a cheesy smile because of it. Fast forward a few years later and you’re both in your PJs watching Netflix but when you look over, you get the same butterflies and cheesy smile you got on the first date. THAT’S what living the dream is all about.

He never stops trying to get you.

When you first start dating a guy, he’ll stop at nothing to win you over. He wants to know what you’re thinking, what you’re doing, when they can see you, how they can get you, etc. He consistently puts you on the top of his priority list and puts his best foot forward every step of the way. That shouldn’t stop when you’re actually in a relationship—just because he’s got you doesn’t mean he shouldn’t still be putting in the exact same level of effort (and the same goes for you too, of course).

He makes every experience an adventure. 

Our lives tend to be pretty routine, full of the same things: wake up, go to work, go to the gym, and go home, make dinner, shower, bed. Rinse and repeat. In there is the weekly grocery store trip or mundane errands to the post office or bank. When your guy does these things with you and makes them fun somehow, it might be time to consider keeping him around. After all, love isn’t all grand experiences—sometimes it’s the little moments where the real progress is made.

He always keeps his promise.

Whenever he gives you his word, he never disappoints. Whether he promises to text when he gets home or to always be there when you need him, he follows through and wouldn’t think of letting you down. Now that’s what love is about.

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