You Can Stay At The Original ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ House… If You Dare

You Can Stay At The Original ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ House… If You Dare Wikimedia

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre may have come out in 1974, but even now, more than 45 years later, it’s still just as terrifying as it ever was. While you wouldn’t catch me within 10 miles of the place, horror fanatics may be interested in knowing that you can now stay in the original house used in the movie.

  1. Leatherface’s house is in Texas. If you’re in Kingsland, Texas or have a way of getting there, you can stay in the house that was used as Leatherface’s in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not only that, but you can enjoy a screening of the movie while you’re there, which is double terrifying.
  2. It’s happening for only two nights. On March 29, 2020 and March 30, 2020, the house will open at Grand Central Café on 1010 King Ct for the screening and overnight stay. The event is part of On Set Cinema’s ongoing series helping bring film to life.
  3. As you can imagine, it’ll be pretty hard to get tickets. There are only a total of 26 spots available, 13 for each night, so space is extremely limited and with tickets costing between $350 and $400, they’re not exactly cheap either. But for such a unique and memorable experience, it’ll likely be worth it for any horror fan.
  4. The event description is pretty intense. There will be a TV set up inside the room where the infamous dining room scene took place and that’s where visitors will watch The Texas Chain Saw Massacre original movie, the TV series, and/or The Next Generation. There will also be dinner and some games, and that’s not all. “Fans will be able to hang out and sleep wherever they want inside the house… in the hallway where we first see Leatherface emerge from the doorway and smash Kirk in the head with the sledgehammer, or in the room that was filled with bones and chicken feathers discovered by Pam just before she gets snatched up and hung on the hook, or even upstairs where Sally finds Grandpa in the rocking chair,” the description reads. YIKES!
  5. So where do you get tickets? If this sounds like your kind of event (i.e. you’re a glutton for punishment), you can purchase tickets to stay overnight at the Texas Chain Saw Massacre house in Texas this March HERE.
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