Staying In A Convenient Relationship Is Ruining Your Self-Esteem

Most relationships begin with the best of intentions, but oftentimes, we find ourselves in the middle of a partnership that has worn out its welcome. It’s tough to break up with someone, but staying with someone for these reasons is going to do more damage to you than a breakup ever could.

  1. You Believe You’re Not Worthy. When you settle for less, it’ll have an adverse impact on other areas of your life. You’ll start to feel unworthy of a promotion or even being treated with respect by men in general. Now is the time to let him go — the famous quote “how you do anything is how you do everything” applies to what we allow ourselves to accept in our relationships.
  2. You’re Afraid To Be Alone. The fear of being alone is one of the main reasons why some women stay in relationships with men that aren’t deserving. When you finally decide to move on, it’ll be a confidence booster. Think of the amount of time you can spend catching up with friends or discovering what makes you happy.
  3. You Think Being Single Is Embarrassing. It can be difficult to go out with friends that are in relationships when you’re single, but being in a relationship shouldn’t be looked at as a trendy lifestyle choice. How would you feel if someone stayed in a relationship with you for this reason alone?
  4. You’re Financially Strapped. Some couples move in together out of convenience to lower their personal expenses. If you’re one of these people, you might underestimate your ability to be successful on your own. Instead of living with him to save money, try to get a second job or find a roommate. Your home should be a place of sanctuary, not a jail that leaves you trapped with a boyfriend you’re not crazy about.
  5. You Care What Other People Think. The end of a relationship isn’t a badge you want to wear on the front of your blouse. We often feel defined by our relationships because society tells us that the white picket fence is the only goal we need to achieve. At the end of the day, YOU define the actual essence of who you are, not your relationship.
  6. You Give Up Your Power as A Woman. One of the last things that you want to do in life is give up your divine power as a woman to stay in a convenient relationship. My grandmother used to say, “Always put yourself first no matter who you’re dating.” If your mental health begins to deteriorate, your career, friendships, and other relationships will be on the line.
  7. You Can’t Change Him, and It Hurts. Men change when they’re ready to upgrade themselves. Even the most beautiful, successful, and intelligent woman can’t change a man if he isn’t ready for personal development. But coming to that realization can be frustrating at best and painful at worst, so sometimes it’s easier — at least in the moment — to stay in a lousy relationship.
  8. You Ignore Even the Best Advice. Depending on the dynamic of your non-romantic relationships, you probably know some people who are “brutally honest”. When someone you care about starts blaming you for your misery because you’re in a bad relationship, it can be difficult to handle. But sometimes, you’re so deep in denial that you flat-out ignore what other people are telling you. You shouldn’t base your relationships on the opinions of others, but if multiple people are telling you the same thing, there’s probably a reason for it.
  9. You Have More to Prove and Less to Gain. If your parents are divorced, it doesn’t mean you need to stay in an unhappy relationship. The idea of a soulmate means nothing nowadays. With over seven billion people on the planet, there is a sure enough chance you’ll find someone that will make you happy. The idea of proving to your family that you’re perfect can result in living a miserable life.
  10. You’re Afraid Of The Unknown. The unknown can be scary for even the most accomplished woman. It’s normal that unresolved questions will plague your mind if you have been waiting for the right person to come into your life. If you know what you want in a relationship, don’t put a timeline on when the right guy will come. If you believe it in your heart, the universe will introduce you to him when you least expect it.
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