Being Alone Forever Is Better Than Spending It With The Wrong Person

No matter how tempting it is to settle down with someone you know is wrong for you just so you don’t have to be alone, don’t do it. It’s always better to be your fabulous single self than it is to be with someone who dulls your shine and doesn’t make you happy.

You don’t need anyone else to complete you.

The idea of having an “other half” implies that you’re not whole until you meet this person. This is a myth that can lead to all sorts of problems. You don’t need anyone else complete you, just as the galaxy doesn’t need the stars for nighttime to roll around. It’s a sparkling, shiny ideal, but it’s not the be all and end all. You’re a whole person in your own right and a brilliant one at that. You can do anything you want all on your own.

You should always strive to be the best version of yourself and you can’t do that in the wrong relationship.

Removing the wrong relationship from your life allows you to grow into your best self. When you’re with someone who makes you feel like a shell of your former self, there comes a point when you have to walk away. It’s hard but after you do it, your life will open up in ways you never imagined.

You can live life for yourself without having to consider what anyone else wants.

Often, people stay in relationships just because their friends encourage it or because they’re afraid to be alone. The truth is, your life isn’t meant to be lived for someone else, it’s meant to be lived for YOU. So what if you want to go three weeks without shaving? So what if you want to date someone new every other night? So what if it’s not what the world wants? As long as you’re happy and you’re not hurting anyone, it’s more than fine.

You don’t have to have sex with just one person for the rest of your life. 

Being single means one thing above all others: sexual liberation. Long gone are the days where you have to settle down with your childhood sweetheart—when you’re single, you can sleep with whoever you want (as long as they’re consenting and on the same page). For many people, the thought of having only one person to have sex with until the day you die is too much to bear. If you’re someone who values their sexuality above all else, the single life is calling you.

You can enjoy complete and total freedom.

Being around the same person all the time can get tiring, especially if you’re not even sure you want to be with them. After so many hours agonizing over the annoying things they do, you start to consider if it’s worth it. If you’re proudly single, you can revel in your free time and space where no nagging annoyances threaten to bring you down. Stretch out and starfish on your double bed and have all the covers to yourself. Freedom has never felt so good.

You get to splash your cash on no one but yourself.

A few extra drinks at the bar? Check. Late night shopping sprees? Check. All your favorite takeouts? Check. Without having anyone else to spend all your money on/budget with, you can focus on the person who really deserves all of your hard earned money: you. When you’re feeling down (or even when you’re not), make sure you take the time to treat yourself. You deserve it.

You get to decide your own self-worth.

Any number of things can threaten to destroy our self-worth, from social media to Hollywood to our relationships. It’s hard being with someone when they’re not right for you, even more so when you rely on them for validation. We’ve all been there. Many of us haven’t reached that part yet when we realize we can decide just how important we are. This process is way easier when you stay single rather than depending on someone else. This way, you can work on your confidence and start to feel strong and badass all on your own.

You don’t owe anyone anything.

We’ve all experienced that guilt of being with someone you don’t feel 100% on but who you stay with out of some warped sense of duty. You feel as though you owe them your continued presence in the relationship because they love you. In fact, the opposite is true. Staying in the wrong relationship is stopping the other person meeting the right person, and it’s not letting you live the life you’ve only dreamed of. The sooner you break out of this mindset, you’ll be surprised at what follows.

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