Still Single? 9 Reasons Your Social Media Obsession Could Be to Blame

Who’s not guilty of spending just a little too much time uploading selfies to Instagram or going on a pinning spree? Social media can be fun, but it can also be problematic. You sit at home griping to your girlfriends about how you could possibly still be single, but the answer could be the phone glued to your hand that you can’t put down for a second, because heaven forbid you miss a status update from your ex from five years ago. So how exactly can social media ruin your love life?

  1. You never realize you’re being hit on. It’s wonderful you’re letting all your friends know where you are and taking pictures of your drinks, but it’s time to put the phone down and look around you. Surprise! You’re not the only one there. Pay attention to the guy who’s been trying to get your attention. He might not be the one, but he could make for one hell of a story later.
  2. Everyone knows you’re stalking your ex. I don’t really get why some women feel the need to stalk their exes on social media. Be grateful you’re rid of the loser and focus on finding someone better. When you’re busy keeping up with what your exes are up to, you leave behind clues. Guys are getting smarter and if they see you’re still obsessed with what your ex is doing, they’re going to run the other way. Honestly, can you blame them?
  3. You forget to use your words. A social media obsession is just as bad as a texting obsession. You’re thrilled to be out with your friends, so what do you do? You sit holding your phone like it’s the last diamond ring on earth. Slide, tap, click, read, repeat. Yeah, that’s a fun time. When you’re out with people, use your words, not your phone’s keyboard. You can update your status or hashtag your selfies later.
  4. Too much information is never a good thing. How much do you share on social media? Employers aren’t the only ones who check out your profiles before making a decision. After all, if women can do it to see who a guy really is, why can’t a guy? Posting your entire life story isn’t good. Some baggage is best left offline. It’s fine to share with close friends, but not the guy you just met.
  5. You seem desperate. Ladies, let me tell you a little secret. Guys can smell desperation. It can make even the slowest man run like an Olympic track star. Nothing screams desperation quite like your daily updates about being single, how much you hate guys, harassing your latest one night stand for night calling you and 20 different Pinterest boards about a wedding that doesn’t even have a groom yet. I’ve seen these women. Guess what? They’re still single and can’t seem to figure out why.
  6. All you want is perfection. I want to applaud you for thinking you are perfect and deserve perfection return. Okay, now for a reality check. No one is perfect, despite what your friends are posting. Social media makes us feel like crap because we’re constantly comparing ourselves to everyone else. This makes you want perfection. It’s the only way to compete. You end up turning down great guys over some imagined flaw. Forget the imaginary world of social perfection and see how incredible a guy with flaws really is.
  7. Your friend list is like a little black book. The great thing about a little black book is it’s private. Most people with a social media obsession don’t bother hiding their friend list or list of people they follow. Far too many people have more booty calls as friends than anything else. Guys can tell. It’s like a hidden super power. If you’re looking for an actual relationship instead of random booty calls, keep your lists private. It’s not a double standard either. Guys need to keep their social media black book private too.
  8. Two words – selfie overload. This should be self-explanatory. New selfies every day or multiple times a day is just creepy. You’re not a celebrity. If you have so much time on your hands to post a selfie of everything you do, you don’t really have time to date. Selfie overload on social media is like a massive billboard that says – I’m in a relationship with me, me, me!
  9. You’re the queen of debate. You have an opinion about everything. You must share it on every post that even remotely disagrees with you. Congratulations. You won the argument and never noticed  that hot guy across the room. Did I mention how any guy checking out your latest activity doesn’t see “winner”? He just sees a woman being a bitch to all her friends. Trust me, no one finds that attractive.
Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger. She's a tech geek at heart, but loves telling it like it is when it comes to love, beauty and style. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and curling up with a great book. You can find her on Twitter @ccrowderwrites or check out her other writing on Medium.