10 Reasons I Still Want A Boyfriend Even Though My BFF Is My Soulmate

I’m pretty sure I’ve found a soulmate in my best friend; we’ve been rocking and rolling for about 15 years now and she’s my ride or die. However, as much as I love and adore my darling soul sister, I still want a boyfriend for a few different reasons.

  1. I want someone to add to my life—literally. Even though I love her to death, bestie and I are purely platonic and I want to start a family one day—you know, be conventional and old school, get married and have a bunch of babies. I know we’ve done a ton of biological advancing over the years, but I’m almost certain I still need a man for that.
  2. I want a consistent Netflix and Chill partner. Sometimes—well, a lot of times—I need male attention. I crave it. Don’t we all? I need some testosterone in my life. I love to cuddle, have my hair played with and my butt rubbed on. One thing’s for sure—I’m at my sexual peak. Never have I ever been so horny in my entire life. I’m tired of having sex with myself. I need the ride of my life with some amazing sex. Oh, and I like Netflix too.
  3. I want fairytale feelings. Call me a hopeless romantic, but just because I already have a soulmate doesn’t mean I don’t want to fall in love. I want to feel butterflies when I hear someone’s voice. I want to get chills on my neck when someone touches me. As scary as it sounds, I want to be vulnerable and transparent AF and let someone see the real me even at my lowest moments. I want to be swept off my feet and live happily ever after with my Prince Charming. Ha! A girl can dream.
  4. I’d gain a whole new wardrobe. I’m a girl’s girl for sure, but I’ve always been the type to “borrow” my boyfriend’s clothes whether it’s a hoodie, briefs, t-shirts… you name it. I just like the level of comfort that comes with men’s clothing. He’ll get over it.
  5. I’d have someone to buy me dinner. This is going to sound bad. No, I don’t want to use a man for food, but one of the most romantic things a man can say to me is, “Baby, did you eat?” I almost shed a tear just now. I’m a super foodie and food may be the ultimate key to my heart. If he buys me dinner, we’re basically getting married.
  6. I need a boyfriend to do all the “manly” stuff. Take out the garbage, pump my gas, bring in the groceries, change my tire… you catch my drift. I broke my sink last month, don’t ask me how, but I had to pay someone to come and install a new one. Annoying! I know that’s not necessarily entry-level work, but if I had a boyfriend, he may have been able to fix it for me. If he couldn’t, he may have known someone who could or paid for the installation for me, right?
  7. I’d be able to shut my mom up. I’m 27 and single at the moment so I always get the whole “I guess I’ll be a grandmother one day” sob story from my mama. I’d love to bring a man home on Thanksgiving so my Uncle Gary can stop thinking I’m in the closet. Relatives, especially my older ones, love prying in my business, especially when it comes to having a significant other. I really don’t give AF but it would be nice to not have to explain that I’m “focusing on myself and my career right now, Auntie.”
  8. I’d have a sense of security. This will probably sound super ‘50s, but having a significant other makes me feel protected, even if it’s just saving me from a spider in the shower. If I don’t feel safe wrapped in his arms, what’s the point?
  9. I’d be enlightened. A healthy relationship with a smart, fine young man would open my eyes to new perspectives and things I’ve never even thought about. The second sexiest thing a man could do is be able to have endless open, raw, intellectual conversations with me about anything from God to Hey Arnold to pickling. Remember those school nights when you’d stay on the phone for hours with your high school crushes? Yeah, I need that type of feeling on a grown-up level.
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