Stop Making The Effort For That Guy Who Doesn’t Reciprocate Your Kindness

One of the most frustrating things in a relationship is finding yourself giving more than you get, but it happens all too often for women who give their all to their partners. If you find yourself worn down by an jerk who’s not reciprocating your kindness, this is why you should stop dealing with him altogether:

  1. His laziness isn’t going to get any better. The beginning of a relationship is the most crucial part because it sets the tone for the entire relationship ahead. If he’s being lazy or unappreciative right off the bat and you’re still sticking around, it sends the message that his behavior is totally okay with you. Do yourself a favor and save your energy for someone who actually values you.
  2. You can’t force an entitled fool to appreciate you. Some guys just feel completely entitled to women doting on them and don’t feel like they owe anything in return. If you’re dealing with a guy who operates this way, kick him to the curb; it’s not your job to fix him. Sometimes the best way to establish your worth is to walk away and let him realize what he just lost.
  3. There are plenty of guys who would be grateful to have you. There are lots of other men out there who want a girl exactly like you right now. Just because one idiot doesn’t see how lucky he is to have your kindness and generosity doesn’t mean that all guys are doomed to follow the same pattern. Keep moving forward, and leave the bonehead behind where he belongs.
  4. Your happiness is your choice. Staying with a guy who doesn’t appreciate how awesome you are is completely within your control. It might be hard to walk away from a guy who gives you all the feels, but think of it this way: no matter how mad the infatuation might feel, it’s going to feel even better with a guy who actually reciprocates your efforts in return.
  5. You’re a total catch, and you don’t need his BS. You have a lot more going for you than you realize, and you don’t need to waste it on a guy who doesn’t say “thank you” when you do something kind or make an effort to keep you in his life. You deserve a man who’s going to make you feel amazing and appreciated, so hold out for the right one and stop wasting your time with the wrong ones.
  6. You deserve better. You shouldn’t be sinking into spells of self-doubt or frustration with a guy who’s truly meant for you. Quite frankly, if he’s giving your gut a bad feeling and making you question your relationship potential, he’s not doing enough to make you happy, and you need to move on. It might seem harsh, but it’s also up to you to control how you’re feeling, and part of that means not letting jerks suck the life out of you.
  7. You’re not a doormat. You know how you want to be treated, and you know how awesome you treat the guys that come into your life. Don’t get into a habit of allowing your kindness and effort to be taken advantage of by any guy who doesn’t mirror those same things back at you. You know better than to allow someone to treat you like you’re not important.
  8. Your time is valuable. There are plenty of other things you could be doing with your time other than paying attention to a jerk guy who isn’t truly invested in what he has with you. Keep focusing on yourself, growing your skills, and chasing your dreams. The guy who deserves to stand next to you will eventually come around and make it clear that you’re a prize worth cherishing.
  9. If he doesn’t make you feel incredible, he’s not the right one. When you’re with the right person, waking up and starting a new day with him in your life will feel amazing rather than inducing stress and worry. It totally sucks to be roped into a relationship with someone who never steps up to the plate to show you anything real. You deserve better, and you deserve to be excited about the partner you have. Don’t settle for half-assed efforts.
  10. You should save your energy for the guy that deserves you. A guy who doesn’t step up and truly show you he gives a crap about you is a complete waste of your time. You could exhaust yourself trying to keep proving to him that you’re worth it, or you could just pick up and move on to someone who will know it right from the start. You deserve the kind of love that makes you feel alive and doesn’t make you question your partner’s intentions, so stop wasting your time and effort on the guy who takes more than he gives.