Stop Waiting For Him To Text — 10 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You

You might really like him, but if he doesn’t return the sentiment, obviously it’s never going to happen. While guys can be complicated and difficult to understand, there are some blatant signs that he’s not feeling it and that you should just move on now before you waste any more time.

  1. Last time you hung out, he left by saying, “See you around.” This is straight out of the Ghosting 101 book. When a guy likes you, he’ll say things like, “I’ll call you” or, “Let’s do something later.” When he plans to just “see you around,” you should probably take it as a goodbye. Lots of guys lose interest and don’t know how to end things, so they try to let you go gently. This is their clumsy way of telling you it’s over without having to directly hurt your feelings.
  2. He watches your Instagram story but doesn’t message you. This one is a real headscratcher. It has become increasingly popular for dudes to follow a girl they text with/hung out once with on social media without engaging in any way. If he’s seen five of your Insta stories without a text, don’t wait. As messed up as it may be, guys like to know what you’re up to but that doesn’t mean they want to see you. He might even like your social media posts after ghosting you, but don’t fall for it. He doesn’t really care.
  3. He keeps mentioning that you guys are “having fun.” The excessive repetition of the word “fun” aims to dismiss your romance as casual hooking up. The more he says it, the less you should wait around for him to get his act together. Every time he repeats that you’re just having fun, he’s trying to instill the idea that he’ll never date you officially.
  4. He’s super active on Tinder. When two people hang out and sleep with each other, it doesn’t mean that they’re exclusive. I’ve gone out with guys who’ve stayed active on Tinder while we were seeing each other. The sign that you should stop waiting for his text is that his activity on Tinder has skyrocketed. It’s normal for guys to casually swipe while they go out with someone, but if he connects every 10 minutes, he’s on the prowl.
  5. He didn’t walk you out the door last time you left his place. Sure, guys can be lazy. Lots of them, however, would at least get out of bed and walk you to the door when you leave. That’s how you know they want to see you again. Making an effort to show manners means he likes you. If he just lay in bed on his phone while you were getting dressed and didn’t get up for you, stop waiting. He won’t text you. Plus, he’s most likely an jerk.
  6. He goes on and on about being extremely busy at work. If he can’t shut up about his work and how busy he is, don’t wait for a text. This applies to everyone — the more you claim you’re busy, the more you inflate your self-worth. Claiming that he’s got a lot on his plate is a definitive indicator that seeing you is not his priority.
  7. You never hang out in public. If you only see each other behind closed doors, don’t expect to hang out with this dude long term. When someone likes you, he’ll introduce you to his friends ASAP to show you that he’s serious. If you haven’t met a single friend of his, he probably wants you to keep his bed warm while he finds someone he likes. Don’t wait for that guy.
  8. Sex was off last time. Nine times out of 10, you can tell whether a relationship will last by the quality of sex. If the last time you had sex your guy was distant and not really into it, he’s already moved on. Go find someone who’ll be excited to see you naked and call you after.
  9. He’s on Facebook all the time but never messages you. It just breaks my heart to see a girl refreshing her messenger every five seconds because a dude is online. Put the phone down. If he has time to be on social media 10 hours a day but can’t shoot a quick “what’s up,” don’t bet on this guy.
  10. You’re too obsessed with him. Chances are, you’ll develop an unhealthy obsession with a guy at some point. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. How you handle it is all that matters. If you analyze his texts too much, you’re wasting your time and freaking yourself out. It’s easy for him to see that too, so he’ll get freaked out and not text you at all. Put the phone down and go live your life. If you like him for good reasons after a few weeks of no communication, then it’s okay to text him.


Dayana is a passionate traveler who's been navigating foreign lands and confusing relationships since she was 16. You can read more of her work on Matador Network and her blog, Dee Across The Sea.