When You Stop Worrying About Finding “The One,” These 10 Things Will Happen

The hope that “The One” is somewhere out there gives many women the strength to keep playing the dating game, but the more you focus on finding the right guy, the more the universe seems to work mysteriously against you by keeping him away. Relax! Once you do, these amazing things are guaranteed to happen:

  1. Guys will be attracted to you. Let go of future love expectations makes you looks less desperate and needy, and you’ll no longer give off negative vibes. Guys are attracted to independent and strong women who enjoy life with or without a relationship and steer clear of those who are desperate for a ring on their finger ASAP.
  2. The right guys will come your way. Ironically in life, good things often happen when you’re not looking for them like crazy and trying to force them. Your new positive outlook in life will bring you closer to positive people, and that includes guys who are looking for the same things as you are. Funny how that happens, eh?
  3. You’ll stress less and have way more fun. When you stop obsessing about finding Mr. Right, you open the door to new experiences and spontaneous fun. You fully come to appreciate the amazing perks of being young and single and find yourself in one of the best phases of your life. Moreover, you’ll get to spend more quality time with your friends instead of whining to them for hours on the phone about yet another bad date.
  4. You’ll become way more picky with guys. When you’re too worried about finding the right guy, you’re subconsciously more open to giving chances to lots of wrong guys, too. Especially if you feel that your biological clock is ticking, you may think it’s your obligation to make sure that every almost relationship isn’t “The One” before you ditch him. But what happens once you stop obsessing is that you simply follow your gut and you don’t waste your precious time and energy on guys who really don’t deserve a place in your life.
  5. You’ll finally get to be yourself. We all want to meet our soulmate, but being too hung up about it means you risk sacrificing a big part of who you are. You’re a person with dreams, talents, and potential, and being in a serious relationship doesn’t increase your self-worth or make you any more or less important. Accepting this will make you feel happier in your own skin.
  6. Your priorities will become clearer. If you’re being honest with yourself, does your fulfillment depend entirely on finding a guy? Hopefully not, or else there’s a problem you need to address. Taking relationships off your mind for a while can help you focus on some other important life goals as well as invest in your future and your emotional well-being for a change.
  7. Your daily life will be happier. When you stop worrying about what may or may not happen in the future, your daily life immediately becomes less stressful. You’ll enjoy your friends more and appreciate the special little moments that make life beautiful on a daily basis. After all, life isn’t all about romantic love, and once you realize it, the better off you’ll be.
  8. You’ll realize that you were in a vicious circle of harmful dating patterns. Dating one wrong guy after the other or jumping from one almost relationship to another often comes with a price. Taking a breather away from this vicious cycle can help you see any unhealthy habits and patterns you’ve repeated and make you re-evaluate how you date.
  9. You’ll become a stronger person. Not worrying about meeting Prince Charming doesn’t come without acceptance of the fact that you’ll survive even without meeting him. It takes courage and strength to do that, and you’ll emerge overall stronger and more centered.
  10. Life will bring you many unexpected gifts. When we have our minds fixated on something, we fail to see all the opportunities right under our nose. Finding “The One” is, after all, an idea that consumes a lot of brain power and energy. In reality, in life, we “find” many people, including great friends and different soulmates that each brings special things into our lives. Life has many great gifts for you if only you’re open to all its possibilities.
Chrisa is a freelance travel and lifestyle journalist who is obsessed with urban life, big cities, and untold stories.