Stop Worrying If A Guy Likes You — We’ll Make It Obvious When We Do

Ladies, if you find yourself stressing over whether or not a guy likes you, you can relax. None of us are worth losing your mind over, especially when we’re not all that complicated. When it comes to figuring out a guy’s feelings, it’s simple: if we like you, we’ll make it clear by doing these 10 things:

  1. We’ll text you at sort of weird times. You might read this as us texting you when we’re bored but that’s not the case. We’re texting you during our downtime when our minds wander to what we like best. If we’re single and don’t have much going on romantically, we might wander to a friend we haven’t seen in a while. But if we’ve met you (since you’re amazing), our heads are going to wander right to you.
  2. We’ll always seem a bit nervous. I have a theory that most men never fully grow out of their middle school selves. Farts will always be funny, boys will always be boisterous, and we’re always going to be a bit nervous talking to women who we really like. So if we’re just a little bit tongue-tied to start, chalk it up to us being fully ensorcelled by your charms.
  3. We’ll blush when we accidentally touch you. Perhaps not a lot, but oftentimes, an accidental arm brush has us immediately (and inappropriately) picturing you naked. Sorry, but it’s true, and honesty is an important part of any good relationship, right?
  4. Suddenly our hands will be EVERYWHERE. For some reason, whenever we have a crush on someone, our hands are suddenly (a) enormous and (b) everywhere. Science can’t explain it, but it’s definitely a thing. It’s like we suddenly forget how to act like a normal human being and our hands are all over the place because we don’t know what to do with them.
  5. We’ll tell you personal things about ourselves. We don’t really open up to that many people, so if we’re sharing personal information with you (or, better yet, a personal problem or concern), we’re DEFINITELY into you. We don’t open up to just any average Joe (or Jane), you know.
  6. We’ll introduce you to our friends. This is a BIG step for us. As a group, we’re kind of terrible at making friends, and we tend to stick with our friends for a LONG time when we get them. This means that they’ve seen us at our worst and have helped us through some rough times. For some guys, our friends even stand in for our families as an emotional support network. Which brings me to my next point – it’s a really big step to introduce you to them. We don’t do it that often, and we put the opinion of our friends on a bit of a pedestal. If you’re meeting the boys, it’s a good sign you’ve hooked us.
  7. We’ll start working out more. If you notice a flurry of unexpected social media activity around the gym, you can pretty safely bet that you’re the motivation for us to lower our resting heart rate (oh, stop looking so shifty-eyed — you know that you’re watching out social media activity like a hawk).
  8. We’ll start to take an interest in what you like so we can talk articulately about it. If you love talking local politics, we’ll start boning up on the city council and contentious zoning decisions just so we have something to talk about. We want you to think we’re well-rounded and interesting, so we’ll do what it takes to make that happen.
  9. We’ll go out of our way to create opportunities to hang out. For example, we might say, “Hey, some friends and I are getting a few drinks tonight. Want to come?” If you say yes, we’ll immediately recruit a few friends to get some drinks with tonight so that the event we invited you to actually happens. If it happens that you’re busy, odds are those plans will miraculously fall through.
  10. We’ll actually say “I like you.” At the end of the day, we’re pretty straightforward. If we like you and want to spend time with you, we’ll just say, “I like you and want to spend time with you,” and call it a day. If you’re still not sure, you can always just ask. We’ll probably be honest — any guy who can’t be honest isn’t one you want to be with anyway.
Spencer is a freelance writer who loves writing articles that are fun to read and easy to understand. When he's not writing, he's usually listening to podcasts and traveling the world searching for the elusive perfect croissant.