Stouffer’s Unveils “Mac On Tap” That Releases Streams Of Mac & Cheese Stouffer's

Stouffer’s Unveils “Mac On Tap” That Releases Streams Of Mac & Cheese

When it comes to comfort food, I think we can all agree that macaroni and cheese is #1. It’s creamy, gooey, savory, and utterly delicious. Whether you like to make your own from scratch or you prefer that classic blue box, no one can deny its goodness. And now, Stouffer’s is elevating the game with their new Mac On Tap machine.

Wait, what’s Mac on Tap? Stouffer’s has somehow created a machine that pumps out mac and cheese on demand. You basically pull a macaroni noodle-shaped handle and out come the goods. It’s a simple but genius invention. I love it!

So how does it actually work? Think of it kinda like a nacho machine that spouts out hot melted cheese, just with noodles. According to a Stouffer’s spokesperson, Mac on Tap has an internal heater that stores a hefty supply of the brand’s pre-cooked mac and cheese. You pull the lever and fill up your bowl and voila, dinner is served.

You should be able to get Mac on Tap wherever you go. Stouffer’s hopes the machines will end up in everywhere from movie theaters and burger joints to weddings, gas stations, and even at home. Imagine having one of these in your kitchen! The company says they’ve created “a few prototypes” and will install various ones in different locations based on the response they receive.

People are loving this, for obvious reasons. Once Stouffer’s announced their Mac on Tap machine on Twitter, people went crazy, from fans of the delicious snack to their competitors over at Velveeta. It’s clear everyone realizes just how genius this is.

There’s no official release date just yet. The company did say that it’s expected to land sometime in 2020, but they’ve been pretty coy on the details. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for the cheesy goodness!

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