Strawberry Ice Succulents Are The Plant Of Your Summery Dreams

Just when you thought you’ve seen and heard of every succulent variety out there, another one comes along that totally surprises you (and that you just have to add to your already massive collection, I’m sure). That’s definitely the case with “Strawberry Ice” succulents, which are super pretty and ultra summery.

Strawberry ice succulents are a variation of Echeveria. If you’re into succulents, you know that Echeveria is a pretty common type of succulent with many varieties, and this is just one of them. Like many other Echeveria succulents, Strawberry Ice has lovely pink leaves arranged in rosettes. The difference here is the lovely pink tips.

They look super delicate and pretty. While there are many types of succulents that are really pretty, the lighter green of the leaves and the delicate pink tinge on the tips of them make them look really delicate and demure in a way (if a plant can look demure, that is). This would make them great in flower gardens or even in arrangements that are more pastel in color. The options of how to incorporate these into your plant collection are endless. They’re even gorgeous all on their own!

They can be grown indoors or out. That makes them one of the best plants to have because they’re so adaptable. Like most succulents, they’re pretty easy to care for too – you just need to make sure you don’t overwater them and that the have access to a good amount of sunlight. It really is that simple.

So where can you get some? If you want your own Strawberry Ice succulents, Etsy store 1amSucculents has them for $14.99. You can also check out your local garden center or plant store as they may have them (or can at least get a hold of them for you). Happy plant parenting!

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