Ladies, These Stress Balls Will Make You Feel So Chill

Life is stressful sometimes, which is why we need to do whatever we can to reduce our levels of tension and anxiety. The idea of squeezing stress balls isn’t particularly new, but squeezing a dude’s balls to melt your stress away IS new, and it’s genius.

  1. It comes with two testes. Sold by True Blue Gifts, these “Ultimate Stress Balls” is very true to life in that it’s actually two balls in one, so to speak. They promise a “realistic feel,” though I wouldn’t get these expecting them to feel like your ex’s or anything…
  2. Men are always driving us nuts. Yes, pun totally intended. When you’re sick of that obnoxious mansplainer at work or your boyfriend pisses you off by forgetting your anniversary, give these balls a squeeze and a twist and you’ll immediately feel better.
  3. It’s not just good for your mind but for your health too. Not only do stress balls help to relieve stress and anxiety, they also improve circulation and can be good for disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome. You can basically hit two birds with one stone here… or two balls with one fist, I suppose.
  4. It makes for a hilarious gag gift. Whether it’s for your BFF, your sister, or even a female colleague who would find these funny, ball-shaped stress balls are a hilarious gift that anyone with a sense of humor will enjoy. Sure, the stress-relieving effect is real, but it’s generally a really silly novelty gift.
  5. Even men can use them, I guess. Testicle-shaped stress balls don’t just have to be for women. While they’re clearly marketed as a women’s product, there’s nothing to say the dudes in your life can’t also get some find laugh along with the rest of us. Who knows, they just might find themselves feeling a bit more relaxed as well.
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