These Stringed LED Pumpkin Lights Are The Perfect Halloween Decoration

Halloween is just over a month away and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. I’ve already started looking for my costume and I’m also loading up on holiday decor. With October 31st just around the corner, it’s about time you get these stringed pumpkin lights ordered, right?

  1. They’re small but mighty. These lights may be little, but they’re filled with LEDs the size of a grain of rice that are actually super bright and look great when it’s dark out. Don’t be fooled by how small they are!
  2. You can do so many things with them. If you’re super crafty, you might want to weave these pumpkin lights around a Halloween wreath. You could also line them along your bed frame for a seasonal nighttime glow. They can also be streamed along your banister, in small bushes, or anything else you can think of. Basically, they let you get creative.
  3. It’s battery-operated, so get your AAs ready. These lights use 3 AA batteries which aren’t included, but they’re cheap and cheerful on Amazon (you can get 72 for under $20!) and last for ages. The fact that they don’t need to be plugged in means you really can put them anywhere!
  4. You can even get a remote control for them! If you want to control the pumpkin lights remotely, you can get a separate LED remote control for only $5. Pretty cool, huh? This is especially great if you’re lazy like me and hate the idea of having to get up off the comfy couch to turn them off. Now you don’t have to!
  5. They’re 10 feet long, so you can cover a lot of space. Sure, you might want to grab a few of these if you want to fill a lot of your house/porch/yard/wherever with them, but at just under $20 each, why not? Get your stringed pumpkin lights HERE.
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