Strong Women Don’t Put Up With Crap — We Walk Away

Strong Women Don’t Put Up With Crap — We Walk Away ©iStock/filadendron

Strong women are a force to be reckoned with and if you don’t treat us properly, we have zero issue telling you exactly where you and your awful behavior can go:

  1. We know better than to let a guy walk all over us. There’s no chance you’ll ever catch us with a guy who regularly takes advantage of us.  If he’s not willing to reciprocate the things we do to make him feel amazing, he can leave — we’ll even open the door for him on his way. We only make space for people who treat us with genuine respect.
  2. We have better things to do than waste our time. There are literally zero reasons why any woman should put up with a guy who treats her like dirt, and that’s a principle we live by. It’s in our nature to walk away from something that doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t matter how hot a guy is, how much money he makes or how many dozens of orgasms he can give us — if he doesn’t make us feel happy and cared for, he can GTFO.
  3. We’re not that desperate. If we wanted to have a guy in our lives that badly, we would lower our standards and accept the bare minimum. The reason so many strong women are single is that we legit don’t put up with ongoing mistreatment. We’d rather be alone and walk away from a toxic relationship than spend our lives being miserable.
  4. We choose our own happiness first. We have one mission in life, and that’s to be as happy as we can possibly be. We do this with our own determination and our own ambitions, which is what makes us the strong women we are. Why would we want to contradict who we are by dating some guy who doesn’t treat us right? Our happiness depends on what we will or won’t allow in our lives — there’s no room for jerks.
  5. We don’t buy into excuses. Excuses are just that — excuses. If he’s pulling shady crap, we’re wise to the cover-ups. Remember, strong women are also smart as hell, so chances are that when he’s being sketchy, we’ve already researched the real story better than the FBI.
  6. We refuse to let patterns develop by sticking around. If we let a guy walk all over us early on, we’re only setting the tone of the relationship and telling him it’s okay to be a jerk because we’ll always forgive him — screw that. If the relationship doesn’t serve to make our lives feel better, we don’t need the relationship at all. Plain and simple.
  7. We don’t need a guy to feel completed. We’re already amazing and complete as we are and having a guy in our lives would only be a happy bonus. Because we don’t actually need a guy, we have the luxury of making our selections carefully. Hint — players don’t receive service here.
  8. We know our worth. We know what we deserve in our lives because we know just how amazing we are. We love ourselves and are proud of the strong woman we’ve become and we refuse to let anyone strip that confidence from our backbones. If a guy wants to treat us badly, we’re not fazed — we’re too busy walking away from him to care.