The Struggles Of Being A Woman Who Knows Exactly What She Wants From Love

The Struggles Of Being A Woman Who Knows Exactly What She Wants From Love ©iStock/lechatnoir

When you’ve been in the dating game for years on end, you get to a point where you’re done dealing with BS just for the sake of “putting yourself out there.” You know exactly what you want from love, and that makes finding it that much harder.

  1. You won’t waste your time on something temporary. Time is of the essence. After a while, it becomes more and more precious and you’re reluctant to waste it on someone or something that isn’t worthy of your time. You get better at making snap judgments and learn how to move on more quickly, too.
  2. Your list of requirements gets a lot more specific. Once you rule out all the things that you don’t like, the requirements checklist become a lot more detailed and specific, meaning you’re way less flexible on what you’ll compromise.
  3. It takes a lot longer to find a guy who fits the bill. Decision-making becomes much extremely crucial, and you’re not so impulsive once you’ve gone through enough bad experiences. It takes a little while longer to make choices, especially when it comes to the major life decisions.
  4. The search can get a bit aggressive. With your ability to easily rule out the things that you don’t want, the search for the things you do want can turn into a literal man-hunt. It can be hard to take a step back and have faith that it’ll come in time, too.
  5. The waiting game drives you crazy. Once you actually learn to relax a bit, the waiting game is the most frustrating part. There’s a saying that goes, “All good things come in time.” Well, it’s true. As much as you should go after the things you want, understand that the timing also has to be right.
  6. Patience really is a virtue. Similarly, there’s another saying that goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” The problem is, the whole time being of the essence thing makes having pretty damn difficult and patience is much easier said than done.
  7. It seems like slim pickings out there. As you become more sure of what you want in life, that also means that your options get a lot more narrow. It’s like going into a store already knowing the exact product you want down to its exact specifications such as size, color, price, etc. How likely are you to find it? Eh, not very, it seems.
  8. You refuse to settle for lessOnce you do have that exact image or idea in your head and you know exactly what you want, you won’t stop until you find it. Settling is not an option and you know that you’ll hold out for the thing you want because that is what will make you happy in the end.
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