Men are expected to have high sex drives, while women are expected to make excuses about headaches to get out of having to sleep with them. While that’s the case in some relationships, it’s not the way it works for every couple. Sometimes women are much more interested in sex than men. Whether that’s a gift or a curse is up to you, but this is what life is like when you’re a woman with a high sex drive:

We get distracted easily.

It’s hard to focus in class because we keep fantasizing about the cute boy across the room. It’s just as difficult to deal with customers at work because we’re wondering what they look like naked. Even using the Internet is hard, because watching sex online is always a click away.

We have to teach the guys we sleep with.

Women with high sex drives aren’t foolish enough to fake an orgasm. If we did, then our sexual desire would never go away. That’s why we won’t pretend that a man is doing a good job in bed when he isn’t. We’ll offer him constructive criticism so that we both get the best experience possible.

Sometimes our sex toys are better than actually getting laid.

Men aren’t the only ones who are skilled in the art of masturbation. Luckily, we don’t need to use our hands in order to orgasm. We can buy dildos and vibrators that do most of the work for us. Sometimes, it beats having a one-night stand.

We’re always initiating.

We’re usually tasked with having to make the first move, because we crave sex more often than our partners do. That’s why we aren’t afraid to touch our man’s thighs, start kissing him, or rip off his clothes. If we want sex, then we’re smart enough to ask for it.

We love having quickies.

Every woman loves foreplay, but when you have a high sex drive, you don’t mind the occasionally quickie. In fact, it can be way more exciting to have sex for five minutes in a bathroom stall than to rub up against each other in bed for an hour.

Some people can’t handle how openly we talk about sex.

Some people cringe when they hear the word “clitoris,” but we aren’t like them. We don’t mind talking to our friends about our favorite positions, our number of partners, and what condom brands we use. After all, it’s healthy to talk openly about sex.

We realize we can’t have sex “whenever we want.”

Men assume that single women can have sex whenever they want, because all they have to do is walk up to a man and ask him back to her place. However, they’re forgetting about the chances of us contracting an STD, getting pregnant, or getting brutally murdered by a stranger. They’re all possibilities when you’re a woman.

There’s nothing left to learn about our own bodies.

We’ve had every type of orgasm there is. In fact, we’ve masturbated enough to know exactly how our bodies respond to certain touches. After all, if we don’t know what makes us tick, how could we expect a man to ever figure it out?

We get upset over rejections.

News flash: Men don’t actually want sex all the time. Occasionally, their stomaches hurt, they’re overstressed, or they’re just not in the mood. Of course, women are told that men are always ready to jump in the sack, which is why the constant rejections can make us wonder if we’re undesirable. That can cause our confidence to plummet.

Sex needs to be steamy.

There’s more to a marriage than sex. However, we know the value of intercourse. If we want to be with someone for the rest of our life, we need to enjoy the feel of the person’s body. If we don’t feel a strong physical connection, then we know the emotional connection will eventually break.

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