7 Struggles Of Dating A Guy Who’s Shorter Than You


While many women would prefer to date a guy who’s taller than them, does height really matter in the grand scheme of things? Dating a guy who’s shorter than you isn’t any different than any other relationship, but it comes with a few unique struggles that you might notice. That being said, none of these are insurmountable and you shouldn’t let them come between you.

You feel self-conscious wearing heels with him. The shorter guy you’re dating might love the idea of his girlfriend in a sexy pair of heels, but in reality, it makes the height difference between you that much more obvious. You still wear them sometimes, but whenever you do, you feel a little awkward and ungainly because you’re very aware of the fact that your boyfriend now looks that much smaller.

In fact, you feel self-conscious about your height in general sometimes. Even if you’re not actually all that tall in comparison to the average height for women, when you’re dating a shorter guy, you suddenly feel like a giant. This can end up giving you a complex even outside of your relationship, making you feel like you’re too “big” even when you’re really not. It’s important to keep some perspective and remind yourself that you’re totally normal and so is your boyfriend. People are built differently, and that’s a good thing!

You have to be creative when taking couple selfies. Because you don’t want to give your height difference away right away, you have to be really strategic and creative when you take pictures together for social media. It takes some serious wrangling and positioning to make you look right, but you always get there in the end. (And you have to admit you look pretty cute together.)

You only line up perfectly when you’re lying down. You notice that you’re dating a guy who’s shorter than you pretty much every second you’re together. Whether you’re cooking dinner together, brushing your teeth in the bathroom, or catching your reflections in the window of a department store, you always notice how different you look. The only time you feel like you’re literally on the same level is when you’re laying down in bed. That’s a welcome change, to say the least…

People seem to be judgmental about your relationship. You feel like you’re always getting the third degree about why you’re dating a guy who’s shorter than you. Never mind the fact that he’s kind, handsome, thoughtful, and treats you well — the qualities that are actually the most important in a relationship, the last time you checked. They all want to know why you chose someone who’s not your size. It’s frustrating to always have to justify your relationship. Why does everyone seem to care so much?

You worry that he’ll end up with Short Man Syndrome. You’re well aware of what society thinks of shorter guys, especially since you hear a lot of it all the time. You hate all the stereotypes and you worry that they might get to your boyfriend and make him develop a complex due to his size. You don’t want him to feel like he has to overcompensate for his size. You don’t want to coddle or baby him about it, but you find yourself giving him extra compliments and trying to boost his ego. Hopefully, that will cancel out any negative things he hears about his height.

Sometimes you find yourself wishing he was taller. You’re a little bit ashamed to admit it, but even though you love your boyfriend, you do wish he was a bit taller, potentially even taller than you. It’s not that his height has anything to do with what kind of person or partner he is, but you miss the feeling of having a guy who’s much bigger than you enveloping you in the safety of his arms. Sigh. Luckily, he’s so great. It’s hard to want to be with anyone else, taller or not.

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