6 Struggles Sarcastic Women Face Pretty Much Daily

Being a master of sarcasm is a great trait to have. It can diffuse tension, lighten the mood, and shut down rude, obnoxious people without matching their bad behavior. Unfortunately, not everyone can get on board with such a badass characteristic, which is why sarcastic women tend to deal with these struggles.

No one ever knows if you’re joking or not. You feel like your sarcasm is pretty easily identifiable, especially when it comes to people who’ve known you for ages, but it just never pans out that way. Whenever you come out with a sarcastic remark, people don’t know whether you’re being serious or how to react. It’s super lame.

People just don’t get your sense of humor. Sarcasm is funny. Sure, it’s a particularly wry sense of humor, but it’s still hilarious… to people who get it. Unfortunately, you seem to be surrounded by people who just don’t and it’s really frustrating. You think you’re hilarious even if no one else does.

People often think you’re just being a bitch. You try to use your gift of acerbic wit for good and not evil, but that doesn’t stop people from thinking you’re (or even accusing you of being) a bitch. Sometimes you question whether you’re inadvertently coming off as mean-spirited, but then you realize that other people just suck if they think that.

You can barely conceal your annoyance sometimes. Admittedly, you do occasionally use sarcasm as a thin veil for your actual annoyance at a person or situation. However, you’re well aware that sometimes that sarcasm just comes off as a biting comment and you get it—you kinda meant it to be like that. Still, you do sometimes wish you were better at covering it up and playing it cool.

Guys are intimidated by you. So many dates have ended on a sour note because the dude just didn’t appreciate your sarcastic remarks. You make sure not to go overboard, but it just seems like most single guys can’t handle such sharp, cutting humor. Oh well, their loss.

Not many people can keep up with your quick wit. If someone does get your sense of humor, they often can’t keep up with how fast-paced it is. Your brain is always churning, forever generating the next sarcastic comment. It’s a shame that most people can’t roll with you—you’re SO bothered by it… NOT.

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