The Struggles Of Women Who Fall In Love Way Too Fast

When you meet a great guy, it’s natural to wonder whether or not he could finally be the right one for you. After all, if you weren’t looking to share your life with someone, what would be the point of dating? Still, some of us tend to get a little too excited and fall way too fast for guys who may not be very good for us — and that only makes things way more complicated.

We always see the good in others. We’re “glass half full” people and believe in giving the benefit of the doubt, even when our good sense tells us we’re not in a good situation. We expect that guys we’re seeing are just as well-intentioned as we are, which isn’t always the case. Seeing the good in others is a blessing, ignoring the faults that aren’t acceptable is a curse.

We ignore too many red flags. Because we are caught up in the beginning stages of what we believe to be love, we often overlook or flat-out ignore things that may cause problems in the future. We might want to believe there are no warning signs telling us to turn back, but they’re still there.

We always hope it’s long-term, even when it clearly isn’t. Some people might be looking for a casual hook-up, but not us. We’re in it for the long haul and assume guys are too, even when it’s clear he’s thinking more short-term (or just for the night). It’s definitely a recipe for getting hurt.

The adrenaline rush makes us blind to reality. The feeling we get from being the center of attention for a new guy we’re seeing makes us feel high off life, and the excitement of being with someone who cares about us makes us feel on top of the world. The problem is, sometimes we’re just not living in reality.

We get attached too quickly. When we fall for a guy, we just want to be with him all the time. His presence makes us happier than anything and we love the feeling of being by his side. There’s nothing wrong with being attached, but being attached to the wrong  guy is a disaster waiting to happen.

We trust too easily. Right away, we believe that he has our best interest at heart. We trust that he wants the best for us just as much as we want the best for him. Being so trusting is both a blessing and a curse, particularly when we end up getting screwed over yet again.

We forgive without question. A girl who falls too fast will always be forgiving. We’d rather not dwell on the negative and instead concentrate on the positive aspects of the relationship. We too often forgive and forget, when we really shouldn’t be doing the latter.

We get ahead of ourselves. If we’re into a guy, the possibility of a future with him will always be in the back of our minds, pretty much from day one. Daydreaming about the kind of life we want with someone might seem pretty harmless, but when things come crashing down because he’s not on the same page, the results can be devastating.

We’re addicted to the way love makes us feel. There’s no denying we love the way guys we’re seeing make us feel. Being with him will always be a priority because we just can’t get enough. However, that sometimes mean we confuse loving him with loving love itself, and that’s never a good thing.

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