Student Joins Satanic Temple To Get Around Her School’s ‘No Piercing’ Policy

A student who got suspended for having her nose pierced came up with a pretty genius way of getting out of trouble and circumventing the school’s policy of body piercings. Lily, who posts as @l1lyall3n on TikTok, revealed that the school only allowed piercings for religious reasons, so she joined one such religion: the Satanic Temple.


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  1. The Satanic Temple actively encourages piercings. Lily figured that meant that if she joined the church, she would therefore be allowed to keep her nose piercing because it’s part of her religious beliefs, after all. There’s no way her school can argue with that, right?
  2. No word on how her school will actually respond. However, after many people on TikTok asked for an update, she promised to give one on Wednesday, September 8 when she’s due to head back in. No doubt she’ll face some resistance, but there’s nothing they can really do about it.
  3. Why are so many schools so anti-piercing? After all, they don’t affect a student’s ability to learn or absorb information, and for those who have them, they’re likely an important part of self-expression. It seems like a meaningless rule just meant to control young people.
  4. Can’t wait to see how Lily gets on at school with her nose piercing. I’m sure joining a Satanic Temple will go over well!

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