Subtle Signs He’s Romantically Interested In You

Unless you ask the person outright, it can be difficult deciphering whether a guy is actually interested in your or if he’s just being friendly. Some people flirt simply when they’re bored or want attention, so it isn’t always a sure-fire sign the feelings are mutual. If you want to know if he’s actually into you, then you have to be on the lookout for more subtle signs that convey his interest. If he’s exhibiting one or more of these signs, then chances are he’s interested in something more.

  1. He Texts You Throughout The Day. If he’s just texting you when he’s “in the mood,” then he’s likely not consistent in his messages. He may only text you at night when he’s alone or when he’s drunk after a night out. This should tell you that while he likes your company, texting you is out of convenience. However, if a guy is texting you at all hours – in the morning, afternoon, and before bed – then it means you’re a regular figure in his mind. He doesn’t think twice before sending you a message, even if he’s busy doing something else. He wants to be in constant communication with you, so he’s definitely interested in more.
  2. He Gives You Thoughtful Replies. If he actually gives you a thoughtful reply when you ask what he’s doing or how his day went, then it means he wants you to know more about him. He likes having conversations with you and values your opinions, and he’s willing to put in the effort to sustain a good conversation. The more open he is about personal topics, the more confident you can be that you’re special to him.
  3. He Remembers The Little Details. If you’re impressed by how much he remembers of what you say, then you can be sure he’s listening hard. Maybe he remembers you mentioning you hate pineapple on pizza, or he asks how your grandma is doing after you mention she’s feeling sick. Remembering details shows that he not only cares what you have to say, but he values what you have going on in your life. He wants you to feel heard and he enjoys getting to know you. He wouldn’t put in this much effort if he didn’t want things to go somewhere.
  4. He Likes To Playfully Tease You. Maybe he pokes fun at your love for One Direction or says your old high school photos on Facebook are cute. There’s a difference between playfully teasing someone and just being mean, so if his comments seem cruel, he may not have good intentions. But if he makes you blush and it keeps the conversation going, then it’s a sign he’s trying to have fun with you and to clearly show his interest.
  5. He Includes You In The Future. It’s a good sign if he’s sharing his hopes and dreams with you – it means he values your opinions and wants you to get to know him. But it’s an even better sign if he incorporates you into them. It can be as simple as him saying he wants to take you to his favorite restaurant the next time he eats out or making plans to watch a movie that’s going to hit theatres soon. Either way, he’s trying to convey that he’s increasingly seeing you as a part of his life and he hopes you feel the same way.
  6. He’s Concerned About Your Boundaries. If he was just here for sex, he wouldn’t care as much about making you comfortable. He’d prefer to get straight to the point, whether that’s sending sexy selfies soon after you start talking or heading back to his house after the first date. Someone who’s interested in you romantically is going to be thinking about the long term. He’s going to be concerned about how comfortable you are and if you’re enjoying yourself so he can ensure things are smooth sailing well into the future. If he asks about and respects your boundaries, then he respects you.
  7. He Expresses A Bit Of Jealousy. It can be a huge red flag if a guy shows major signs of jealousy soon after you start talking, like if he questions you about your exes or has an issue with your guy friends. But smaller, more subtle signs can indicate he’s developing romantic feelings. Maybe he mentions he’s no longer on dating apps and asks whether you are, or he keeps mentioning how much he likes talking to you and that he’s not conversing with anyone else. These signs can indicate you’re the only one on your mind and he’s trying to let you know.
  8. His Body Language Speaks Volumes. He doesn’t need to be all over you in order to express romantic interest. In fact, that could be a sign he’s just looking for a physical connection. But if he’s exhibiting smaller, more subtle signs, it’s a good hint that he’s interested in something more long-term. Look out for whether he casually brushes your leg at any chance, how long he holds eye contact, and how turned and relaxed his body seems when he’s talking to you. If his body is expressing interest, then his heart likely is doing the same, too.

Of course, the only definite way to know if someone is romantically interested is to ask them directly. So, if you suspect he’s hoping for more (and he exhibits any of these signs), then there’s a good chance he’ll answer “yes” if you ask him whether he’s into you or not.

Alexandra is a freelance writer in Montreal, Quebec. She enjoys shopping as a sport, Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs, and being a plant mom.