12 Subtle Ways To Tell He’s Super Serious About You

Have you been laying in bed at night wondering if your guy is as serious about you as you are about him? If you’re missing the obvious, here are some more subtle ways to tell.

  1. He talks a lot. If a guy is telling you everything about himself right away, that’s a good sign. Most men don’t necessarily disclose everything about themselves quickly or even willingly, but if he’s revealing his past, his likes and dislikes, and talking about his hopes and dreams, that’s a sign he’s trying to figure out if you guys click. That means he really, really likes you.
  2. He remembers little things about you. If he shows up with your favorite flower and you barely remember telling him what it was, stay tuned because this guy is definitely into you. Remembering the little things is something that’s hard for a lot of people, especially guys, so when he does it, pay attention. He’s definitely hanging on your every word.
  3. His friends clue you in. Usually if a dude is really into you, you can tell by the way his friends act. If they seem chill and kind of ignore you, that’s probably not a great sign, but if his friends are smiling from ear to ear and giving him jabs all night about getting married and having babies, rest assured your guy is really serious about you and his friends know it!
  4. He follows through. If he says he’s going to call at 7 o’clock, he calls at 7 o’clock. If he’s going to be late, he texts you to let you know. When you make plans with him, you know he’s never going to flake out. He always keeps his promises. This means he takes you and your relationship seriously.
  5. He brags about himself. Sometimes, in an effort to impress a girl he really likes, a guy will tend to brag about himself. Just think of him as a peacock showing his feathers. So pretty, Mr. Peacock!
  6. He takes it slow with you. Sometimes the biggest sign that a guy is really serious with you is if he takes your relationship especially slow. This doesn’t mean he’s too busy to see you, but it does mean that he puts in the time to get to know you very well before rushing into bed with you.
  7. He hangs out with his married (or coupled up) friends. If your guy seems to hang out with his married friends more than his single friends, this might be a sign that he thinks his single days are over. At the very least, it means he just isn’t interested in going to bars and chugging beers and picking up women anymore.
  8. His mom added you on Facebook. He’s obviously told his mom how into you he is because she friended you on Facebook. Now she can look through all your pictures and comment on your posts. You might be rolling your eyes, but this is a good sign. Just don’t post anything too embarrassing (or at least don’t forget to limit the post audience).
  9. You can tell you’re a priority in his life. Sure, there are times when he is busy with work or friends, but for the most part, you know that if you needed him, he would be there. You don’t have to compete with anyone or anything for his time because he chooses to spend a lot of it with you.
  10. His life is pretty squared away in other areas. Usually, before a guy wants to get serious with someone, he’ll want to get everything else in his life where he wants it to be (or at least as close as possible). That means he’s on a good career path, he has a solid savings account, and he’s generally stable. It’s hard to dive into a serious relationship if you have other kinds of trouble in your life like trouble with work, finances, or family.
  11. He considers your opinions. When you guys talk, you can talk about everything. Not only that, but he really listens to your opinions and takes them into consideration. He doesn’t just brush you off.
  12. He wants to know you on a deep level. He asks questions about you that others haven’t asked you. He wants to know about your childhood, your hopes and dreams, and your goals for the future. He wants to know how you feel about everything. If he wants to know you at a deeper level than most, that’s definitely a sign that he’s serious about you!
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