Subway’s New Scent Diffuser Will Make Your House Smell Like Cheesy Garlic Bread

Subway’s New Scent Diffuser Will Make Your House Smell Like Cheesy Garlic Bread Subway

I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like garlic bread. I’ve also never met anyone that doesn’t like to add cheese to that garlic bread to take it to the next level. Subway has obviously had the same experience, hence the reason they’re releasing a scent diffuser that will fill your house with the smells of cheesy garlic bread all the live-long day.

  1. Candles are old-school—scent diffusers are the future. Candles only really smell while you have them lit, and that’s no good. Subway has shown some serious forward-thinking here by creating their cheesy garlic bread scent diffuser that puts out the fine fragrance of crusty, garlicky, cheesy carbs all day every day. I’m into it!
  2. The packaging is actually pretty understated. It looks like the packaging you’d expect to see on fine home goods, which was a smart move. After all, I wouldn’t want a giant Subway logo in my living room. This way, you can have the scent diffuser going and it’ll blend in with your decor, but whenever a visitor pops in, they’ll be like, “Yo, are you making cheesy garlic bread?” They wish!
  3. It’s not out just yet. While it would be great to grab one (or a dozen) of these in time for Christmas, Subway is being coy about the release date of their cheesy garlic bread diffuser. That being said, we should expect it sometime in the new year according to Colin Hughes, UK Country Director at Subway, who predicts that “Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread could become the scent of 2020.”
  4. Sadly, the product is likely to be UK-only, at least for awhile. Assuming that Subway’s cheesy garlic bread diffuser actually ever goes on sale, it’ll be in the UK only at first. But hey, you never know – if Boris Johnson and Donald Trump get that post-Brexit trade deal neither of them will shut up about, it could head over to the US of A in no time!

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