Sugar Cookie M&M’s Are Coming This Christmas So Hurry Up, December

Sugar Cookie M&M’s Are Coming This Christmas So Hurry Up, December Mars, Incorporated

I don’t know about you, but I’m already looking forward to Christmas. I can’t be alone in that — Christmas in July is totally a thing! Businesses in particular need to prepare early for the holiday season, and Mars, Incorporated is no exception. Just this week, they confirmed that M&M’s is releasing a Sugar Cookie flavor this Christmas and now I really can’t wait for December!

  1. The flavor is exclusively for the 2020 season. Sugar cookie-flavored M&M’s have never been made before and they may not return again in future, so you’ll want to grab them while you can this year. That being said, they might prove popular enough that they became a regular appearance every Christmas. Fingers crossed on that!
  2. They sound absolutely delicious. To be honest, I’ve never met an M&M I didn’t like, but the sugar cookie variety sounds especially tasty. They have a white chocolate, sugar cookie-flavored shell with a crispy center. Yum!
  3. They’re awesome Christmassy colors too! “With Christmas nostalgia in every bite, the seasonal must-have serves as a gooey, no-bake treat, and festive candy dish décor with red, green, and white lentils,” a press release read.
  4. Sadly, they won’t be available until November. While it seems pretty cruel to announce such a yummy-sounding product in July, a whole four months away from when they’ll be available in stores, I suppose the upside is that we know sugar cookie-flavored M&M’s are indeed coming this year. That’s something to look forward to (and goodness knows we need that!).
  5. Until then, there are plenty of other delicious M&M’s flavors to munch on. My favorite is probably peanut butter, but I love the pretzel ones too… and regular peanut ones. The crispy ones aren’t too bad either… Oh, whatever. I’m a sugar addict and I’ll take any kind I can get my hands on!
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