10 Superficial Things Guys Judge Women For, According To A Guy

Admittedly, we guys can be a bit superficial at times. In our search for the perfect woman, we tend to eliminate potential candidates based on dealbreakers that are somewhat shallow but still kind of important to us. Every guy is different, but wrong or right, here are some of the things we tend to discriminate against.

1. Age

For the most part, we all try to date people who are more or less our own age. However, at a certain point, a lot of men start to become obsessed with dating a woman who’s much younger. Part of it is denial about getting old ourselves and sometimes we just enjoy the challenge of trying to land someone younger. Either way, some men will ignore women their own age in favor of the younger crowd. No wonder you ladies sometimes lie about your age.

2. Short hair

This doesn’t apply to every guy, but there are a lot of shallow dudes out there who have no interest in dating a woman who has short hair. Not to make excuses, but almost every image we see in movies and advertising depicts beautiful women with long hair. In a way, we’ve been programmed to overlook women with short hair, so you can blame society for this dealbreaker.

3. Veganism

I’ll be honest, I don’t think someone being a vegan is a reason not to date them but many men disagree. It does seem like a petty and unimportant thing to obsess over. However, some guys don’t understand why anyone would want to be a vegan and others just don’t want the hassle. Any guy who has dated a vegan before knows that it can limit what they can eat and what restaurants they can visit. Unfortunately, this minor inconvenience is too much for some guys.

4. Having too many tattoos

Obviously, everyone has their own opinion on tattoos. However, it’s usually a safe assumption that if a guy doesn’t have tattoos, he doesn’t want to date a girl with tattoos. This isn’t always the case, but you’d be surprised how frequently that rings true. There could be some leeway if your tattoos are easily covered by your clothing, but there are a lot of uptight guys out there who aren’t fans of women with tattoos.

5. Different religious beliefs

Religious young woman praying

Mature men know that there’s more to a person than their religion, but it’s a big deal for some people, and hangups over religious background or beliefs are common in both men and women. Some people prefer their partner to be practice a specific religion while others prefer someone who isn’t religious at all. Either way, some guys will look past both your looks and personality completely and focus solely on who you pray to.

6. Having kids

This isn’t all that superficial but it is a tad petty. The thing is that dating a woman with kids is a huge commitment right off the bat. You know that you’re never going to come first and that there may not be much of a honeymoon period because soon enough you’re the father figure in the lives of her children. Needless to say, it’s enough to scare a guy off right away.

7. A messy bathroom

You’d think this would a female dealbreaker, but there are plenty of guys out there who are clean freaks and won’t consider dating a woman with a messy bathroom or poor cleaning habits. Also, guys sometimes see a messy bathroom as a red flag that you have a messy life and aren’t responsible enough to clean up after yourself. Sometimes, that’s enough to send us heading for the hills before the relationship goes any further. Plus, a messy bathroom can be icky.

8. Being obsessed with selfies

Unless you’re still a teenager, taking selfies should not be a priority in your life. This kind of behavior shows immaturity and signals that you’re more concerned with your online life than your real life. Unless you meet a guy who has a similar obsession with selfies, most guys don’t need to know anything else about a woman to know they don’t want to date her.

9. Being out of shape

Yes, all men are shallow and only want to date women who are thin and in perfect shape. OK, so this isn’t a universal truth, but most men are shallow enough to look past women who might be a little out of shape. In our defense, being in shape is a sign that you care about your body and health, and it’s nice to date someone like that. However, if one of us does ditch you because of your size, he’s probably not that great of a guy anyway.

10. Crooked teeth

This is definitely a superficial dealbreaker that a lot of guys have. Guys like a nice smile, is that so bad? If a woman has teeth that are super crooked or a little too yellow, that’s not necessarily something we want to be looking at on a daily basis. Sounds dumb but it’s true.

11. Height

So many women want tall guys, but to be honest, a lot of men want shorter women. That’s because we want to feel bigger and stronger than our partners. Dating a woman who’s taller than us can be emasculating and we don’t like it. Sure, it’s a very silly thing to judge someone on, but it’s true.

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Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.