Surprise Your BFF With This Mug That Has A Big Ol’ Dong Inside

If your BFF has a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion coming up that you want to get him/her an awesome gift for — or you simply just want to say you’re thinking of them — I’ve found the perfect thing. Assuming your bestie is a fan of, erm, man meat, they’re going to love this mug with an unexpected surprise inside.

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It seems innocent enough at first. From the outside, the mug just looks like something sweet and thoughtful (albeit kind of boring) that lets your bestie know you’re thinking of them and appreciate them. Who knows, maybe they’re really into earl grey tea or they can’t live without their morning coffee? It’s just a lovely gesture.

Once they see what’s inside, they’ll be in tears (of laughter). Since presumably you’re not going to give your BFF this mug while it’s full, they’ll be in on the secret before they actually use it, but that’s okay. When they take a peek inside, they’ll notice something very curious: a big ol’ ceramic dong staring up and out at them. OMG!

The flesh color of the mug probably gives it away. If your BFF is clever, they’ll twig that there’s something weird about this thing before they even look inside given that the mug is flesh-colored. While many people might think, “Wow, this is a bit of a boring, blah mug,” there’s a reason for it: that’s what color a dude’s junk is (well, some dudes’ junk).

It’s slightly smaller than a normal mug, but what’s “normal” anyway? We don’t size shame here, okay? Your BFF will love this mug even if it doesn’t offer as much satisfaction given that it’s a bit smaller than a standard 12oz mug. The point is that you make the most of what you’ve got, and how can you not here?

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