Don’t Be Surprised When He Disappears Without A Trace If He’s Doing These Things

You meet a great guy, start texting, hang out, develop feelings… and then start feeling like something is off. He’s standoffish and weird and it’s been days or even a week since you’ve seen him. WTF? Is he about to ghost you? Here’s how you know for sure.

  1. He barely texts you anymore and takes forever to answer (if he answers at all). This may be one of the most obvious signs and it usually is the first to happen. If your relationship started with you sending each other lengthy messages full of detail, that shouldn’t change. If he suddenly starts sending you messages that are short and a little too curt, something’s up. Guys typically start to slowly cut off communication if they’re not interested. They won’t do it all at once, but they’ll definitely ease off on the text messages a bit more each day. Stay ahead of the game. If you can’t tell whether you’re texting a love interest or your brother, there’s definitely a problem.
  2. He ignores you in public. If a guy is interested in you even slightly, he won’t ignore you in public or avoid you. However, if he’s trying to distance himself from you and cut ties, he’ll pretty much stay far enough away so as not to have to interact with you. The saddest part is that he isn’t in the process of ghosting you, it’s like he already has.
  3. He goes out of his way NOT to touch you these days. A guy’s body language is a great way to determine how he’s feeling. When he’s into you, he’s going to be all over you and constantly wanting to show you affection. If he starts to avoid holding your hand in public or being even remotely close to you in an intimate way, that’s a major red flag. He’s doing this because he doesn’t want to be looked at as taken or off limits to other women. And, well, because he’s about to ghost you.
  4. He’s always “too busy” to hang. You’ve gone from hanging out every day to pretty much never. You know his schedule like the back of your hand, so how is he suddenly “sooo busy” every second of the day? He’s not. He’s just busy trying to avoid you and cut ties. Don’t believe his excuses and face the facts: you’re being ghosted.
  5. He stops following you on social media, “Liking” your statuses, tagging you in photos, etc. When a guy is trying to ghost you, he’s obviously going to avoid you both in person and on social media. If he stops tagging you in funny pictures or commenting on your posts, he’s most likely trying to ghost you. He doesn’t want outsiders to view you guys as a pair or to keep your hopes up that your relationship is fine. It’s not.
  6. When you do finally manage to make plans, he cancels last minute. Suddenly, he can’t make it. Whatever lame excuse he uses, don’t believe him. He honestly just can’t bear to be in public with someone he isn’t interested in. He also probably thinks he’s doing you a service by not leading you on. Take the hint early on and put an end to it. Don’t make any more plans with him. Instead, let him do all the planning. If your plans cease to exist, that tells you all you need to know.
  7. He doesn’t share personal details anymore. When a guy is truthfully into you, he’ll want to know everything about you and vice versa. If he doesn’t share personal details and his deepest thoughts and feelings with you, he probably doesn’t see himself staying with you long-term. If you keep finding yourself with more unanswered questions than answers, he’s probably ghosting you.
  8. He only hits you up for a hookup. If you guys go from hanging out all the time to only meeting up when it’s convenient to hook up, he’s definitely ghosting you.  He doesn’t see you as someone he wants to date anymore, just someone to see when he’s guaranteed to score. You can test this by cutting him off from sex. If he disappears altogether, well… you know the rest.
  9. He hides his phone from you. If his first instinct is to hide his phone whenever you’re around, take note. That means he is obviously trying to hide certain things from you, possibly another woman. If there’s already another woman on the scene and you’ve noticed some of the other signs here, you should probably expect him to disappear shortly.
  10. He doesn’t know what he wants right now. His texting has slowed down, you guys never go out in public together, his behavior is completely different and something just seems off. You finally get the courage to ask what’s up with him and he slams you with the infamous “I don’t know what I want right now.” That sentence alone means he’s about to ghost you. He’s probably been in the process of cutting ties with you for weeks now and you just so happened to catch on. Make it easy for both of you and leave while you still have your pride.
Faith is a journalism student from New York who prefers coffee, writing and fun--in that order. She's a millennial yet she experiences a new midlife crisis each day.