Suspicious Things A Guy Does With His Phone That Mean Something’s Up

Everyone has the right to privacy, of course, but it’s kinda hard to let someone do their own thing when they’re acting super shady about it. For instance, when the guy you’re dating is acting suspicious with his phone, it makes you wonder what he’s up to since he’s being so weird. You’ve never paid any particular interest to what he’s doing on the damn thing, so what’s going on here? If he’s up to something suspect, here are some behaviors you might notice.

He takes it with him everywhere he goes. Like, everywhere. Whether he’s going to the bathroom or to the front door to take in the Amazon package, he has to grab his phone to shove it in his pocket. What’s he’s up to? This guy is acting suspicious with his phone and I doubt the reasons behind it are very good.

He turns off all notifications. You might think that when he turns off his notifications from all his apps on his phone, it’s sweet because it means he just wants to pay more attention to you and not be bothered. However, this isn’t the case. It’s actually suspicious as hell because it’s more likely that the guy doesn’t want any messages or notifications to pop up that you might see.

He turns it away from you when you’re sitting nearby. It’s ridiculously obvious, I know, but it’s safe to assume a guy is acting suspicious with his phone when he actively turns the screen away from you when you’re sitting next to him. Unless your birthday is in a couple of days or he’s planning to propose, there’s no good reason he would be trying to be so secretive.

He turns it off when you’re together. Just like turning off the notifications, this can initially seem like a good thing when in reality, it’s shady as hell. If he has another woman on the side, for instance, he’s not going to want to chance her calling or texting while you’re together, is he? It’s easier to turn his phone off altogether. Then he can tell her later that it was dead or he had no service.

He only picks it up when you leave the room. He acts like he’s totally not interested in his phone or what’s going on with it, but then you leave the room and see him grab it quickly out of the corner of your eye. What the hell? This guy is acting suspicious as hell with his phone and it’s likely because he’s up to no good on it.

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