These Swedish Fish Jelly Beans Are Good Enough To Be Eaten By The Bagful

The Easter candy aisle is usually dominated by chocolate eggs and traditional jelly beans and while those are very delicious treats for sure, there’s a new sugar-filled candy on the block that combines two products in one. Swedish Fish Jelly Beans are here just in time for spring and frankly, I might eat a whole bag in one sitting.

They’re shaped like jelly beans, not fish. But who cares what shape they take when they taste so good? They have the classic Swedish Fish fruitiness combined with the chewy texture of jelly beans and frankly, I’ve potentially never loved a candy more.

They come in 13 oz. bags. That’s nearly a pound of Swedish Fish goodness to devour one by one (or handful by handful). They’re available pretty much everywhere Easter candy is sold, from drugstores like Walgreens and CVS to grocery stores and one-stop shops like Walmart and Target. They’re only about $3 a bag too, which seems like a total bargain.

They’re limited edition, so you’ll have to stock up. Sadly, Swedish Fish Jelly Beans aren’t sold year ’round. They’re an Easter-only product, so if you fall in love with them as much as I have, you’ll probably want to hoard a few bags so you have some to tide you over until 2021.

If Swedish Fish aren’t your thing, there are Peeps Jelly Beans too. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Swedish Fish, but just in case you’re one of them, you might be interested to know that Peeps Jelly Beans exist for a marshmallowy jelly bean treat that’s actually just as delicious, strangely enough.

Candy is the best part of Easter, right? If you’re not a religious person, the one reason to celebrate the holiday is that it’s an excuse to eat your weight in sugar. Frankly, I’ll take any excuse I can get!

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