The Taco Bell Hotel Is A Real Thing & You Can Stay There

If you love Taco Bell—and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?—then you may have thought to yourself, “Self, how awesome would it be if Taco Bell opened a hotel?” Well, now your wildest dreams have come true: the new Taco Bell Hotel & Resort is taking reservations from tomorrow!

  1. The hotel is in Palm Springs, so get ready for a road trip. If you’re from California, this may not be too hard to get to. If you’re not, I’d still say it’s worth the journey. Palm Springs is a great place to chill at any time of year, but now that The Bell is there (yes, that’s what they’re calling the hotel), it’s even better.
  2. It’s not cheap. There are 70 rooms in the hotel, with rates starting at $169 a night. It’s not exactly pocket change, but given the novelty value and the fact that Palm Springs is a luxury town anyway, it’s actually a pretty good deal.
  3. The hotel will offer plenty of exclusive Taco Bell goodness. Not only will the rooms be Taco Bell themed, there will also be Baja Blast and Fire Sauce pool floaties, a nail bar, a hair braiding bar, a gift shop, and exclusive Taco Bell food items not available elsewhere. Could this get any better?!
  4. It’s only open for a limited time. Taco Bell has revealed that the hotel will only stay open for a little less than a week, with check-in beginning on August 8 and the final check-out taking place on August 12. That’s not nearly enough time for everyone to get there, but I guess they think it’s a smart choice because anything limited edition automatically becomes more desirable. WRONG! This thing could have stayed open forever and I guarantee it would continue to be booked solid because HELLO, it’s Taco Bell!
  5. It’s not a stunt. Taco Bell’s chief global brand officer, Marisa Thalberg, told Business Insider that opening a hotel isn’t about novelty but about what made sense for Taco Bell fans. “This idea of allowing people to kind of fully experience and embrace and immerse themselves in every aspect of the Taco Bell lifestyle led us to the idea of doing a hotel,” she explained. “We’re really just creating experiences that feel like a reflection and extension of the essence of Taco Bell at its very best. Oftentimes they’re born out of real consumer insights or behaviors. And I think that’s what makes them very valid and very legitimate.”
  6. Reservations are first come, first serve, so you’ll have to be quick. Reservations are extremely limited and will open at 1 p.m. EST on Thursday, June 26, so make sure you’re online and ready to book.
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