Taco Bell Is Now Offering Vegetarian Tacos Made With Plant-Based Meat

Becoming vegetarian or vegan or even simply choosing to eat less meat for the sake of animals, our health, and the environment is becoming more and more popular, forcing food companies and restaurants to get on board. We already have vegan KFC fried chicken and Impossible Burgers at Burger King, but now Taco Bell is offering up vegetarian tacos made with plant-based meat.

  1. It’s called the Oatrageous Taco. The name alone offers some hints on what you can expect from the meat replacement in the taco. According to Thrillist, the offering is comprised of “a crispy shell, pulled oats (the “meat”) that are seasoned like its regular seasoned beef, cheese, creamy chipotle sauce, and lettuce.” NICE.
  2. It promises to be a whole new world of vegetarian eating. According to Steven Gomez, the brand’s director of international product development, their vegetarian taco contains “simple clean ingredients” that are “going to be something you’ve never had before at a Taco Bell.”
  3. Unfortunately, it’s not currently available in America. At the time of writing, the Outrageous Taco is only available in Finland and Spain, though there are plans to widen the product’s launch to the rest of Europe sometime in 2020.
  4. Europe has another veggie Taco Bell option too. Some locations have something called the Halloumi Crunchwrap, which is stuffed with the gorgeous, salty cheese and contains no meat. “It is almost like a fried mozzarella,” Gomez said. “The savory salty deliciousness of the cheese works really well with our ingredients.”  According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the offering is particularly popular in Cyprus, but again, it’s not currently available in America.
  5. Will these offerings come to America? After all, the US is one of the biggest countries in the world and has thousands if not millions of people who would opt for plant-based options at Taco Bell if given the chance. According to Gomez, “Never say never.” Here’s hoping they come stateside soon!
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