Take A Dating Hiatus & Just Do You — It’ll Change Your Life

Whether your dating hiatus is planned out or it’s happening against your will, it can be a pretty awesome time. There’s nothing wrong with being single, and sometimes it’s the best possible thing that can happen. After all, not having a man in your life leaves plenty of time to take care of other life business that’ll make your day-to-day that much better. Here are some ways to spend your time until you find love again:

Make your house feel like your home.

When you’re in a relationship, you might be bouncing back and forth between his place and yours, but when there’s no one in the picture, it’s a great time to make sure your living space is really working for you. Making sure everything that’s there actually enhances it, you’ll feel great once it does.

Put your dating profiles on pause.

You know it’s not going to hurt to leave them up there, but putting your dating life on pause means that you can stop checking the sites and apps obsessively and get back to doing you.

Celebrate your freedom.

It’s not a punishment to be on a dating hiatus; it’s a great opportunity to focus on you and only you. No fighting over weekend plans or whether it’s appropriate to get takeout from the same place every night this week is an added bonus.

Finally unpack all that leftover baggage.

Maybe the best thing about dating hiatus is that it gives you uninterrupted time to get over your ex and every other jerk you’ve accepted a date from lately. Taking some time out to roll solo allows you to wipe the slate and head in a new, better for you direction.

Cut off your booty calls.

You’re not totally single until you’re not seeing anyone, no matter what sort of labels or lack of labels those relationships have. Cut off the guys who just come around when it’s convenient and be empowered by your choice, as opposed to fearful about losing them.


Being in relationships can take a lot of energy, both emotionally and when you’re actually missing sleep by having sex and fighting over the covers. When no was else is around, take advantage of the uninterrupted time for serious shut eye.

Get busy.

That being said, you shouldn’t totally be slothing around. Being on a dating hiatus offers the perfect time to focus on your goals and interests. You probably have a whole list of must-dos that your last guy wasn’t super enthusiastic about, so now’s the time to do them.


If you’ve done some deep thinking on your hiatus and realize that you’ve done some hurting, it can be a good time to fess up and smooth things over. This can be good for your exes, but it’s even better for you.

Work on trusting yourself.

In the wake of failed romance, it’s easy to point fingers both at the guy and at yourself. But we all make mistakes, but we do the best with what we’re given. Knowing things didn’t go great is a good sign, because it means you won’t make the same mistakes again.

Determine your true values.

It’s easy to overlook values or brush off certain shortcomings when you’re in a relationship, but being single gives you the gift of not having that option. You’re free during a hiatus to figure out what you really want, which will prepare you for the right person when you’re ready to get back out there.

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