It Takes Guys About Four Months In A Relationship To Share Food With Their Partner, Study Finds

I’ll be honest: I don’t really love sharing my food. It’s fine if my partner and I have ordered something jointly with the express purpose of sharing, but if they’ve ordered one dish and I’ve ordered another, I expect to eat all of mine without having to give it over. That’s not to say I won’t do it, I’m just not happy about it. Well, according to a new study, most people aren’t, and it takes guys a whopping four months of dating someone before they’ll offer a bite of what they’re eating to the person they’re dating.

  1. It’s all about “the comfort zone.” That’s what researchers at FromMars were aiming to examine more closely with their recent survey of more than 2,000 people in all kinds of relationships from around the UK. In particular, they wanted to know how long it would take for people to be okay with certain behaviors with a partner, and the results were enlightening.
  2. Women actually take longer than men to share food. According to the research, men take an average of four months to be comfortable sharing food with a partner while women take five, which is surprising in a way but given my own stinginess with all things edible, I kinda get it.
  3. Men are happier to let it all out earlier. The survey found that men take an average of five months to be happy to take a poo at their partner’s house and the same amount of time to be happy to get fully naked with the lights on. In comparison, women will hold in their number twos for an average of seven months and won’t get fully undressed in the light of day for about eight months.
  4. Women keep up appearances for longer. Women continue grooming their pubic hair for a full year on average compared to nine months for men. Likewise, women dress to impress for a whopping 13 months while dudes are happy to show up in dirty sweatpants and stained t-shirts in about 10 months. Not surprising!
  5. Couples put on weight at about the same time. We know from previous research that being in a happy relationship can cause you to put on weight, and men and women both do so at about 15 months into the relationship on average.
  6. Men are more comfortable talking about periods. They’re happy to do so at about six months into the relationship while it takes women an additional four weeks or so to open up about menstruation. However, both men and women are cool with farting around their partners at about the eight month mark.
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