Tanning Addict With 32T Breasts Says She’ll ‘Pump’ Them Until They’re As ‘Big As The Titanic’

A German model who “identifies as black” and has 70DD (32DD) breasts took to Facebook to reveal that she plans to “pump” them until they’re as “big as the Titanic.” Martina Big, 32, is a tanning injection addict as well as being obsessed with plastic surgery – and she has no plans to stop with either. Crazy enough, she has thousands of supporters who encourage her extreme ways and think she looks amazing.

  1. Martina is “proud” of how large her breasts have gotten. The former air hostess posted a photo of her chest on Facebook and wrote a post to go along with it stating how “amazed” she is by the fact that she’s gone from a 32D to a 32T after multiple surgeries. “Sometimes I am amazed by myself how much my breasts have grown in the last time,” she wrote.
  2. They’re still not big enough for her. While you would think a chest so large would be cumbersome in her daily life, Martina has no plans on stopping and wants to go even bigger. “But that’s not enough for me! I will pump my breasts even bigger, Biggger and BIGGGGER until they are as big as the Titanic,” she continued in the post.
  3. She has a way to go before she has the world’s biggest breasts. That honor is currently held by a woman named Maxi Mounds from Florida. Her chest is 42J, which wouldn’t seem as large as a 32T but apparently is!
  4. Martina’s chest isn’t the only thing that’s a bit extreme. She has been injecting a synthetic hormone known as Melanotan to darken her skin since she “identifies as black.” She recently had a baptism ceremony and now goes by the name Malaika Kubwa, meaning Big Angel in Swahili, and says she wants to move to be with her “people” and live in the African way.

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