This Couple Had Their Engagement Photoshoot At Target And Nothing Has Ever Been More Romantic

I’m not the biggest fan of the engagement photoshoot trend, but then, why shouldn’t people celebrate their love and the fact that they’ve decided to spend the rest of their lives together? While many couples tend to go to open meadows or other extravagant settings to have their pictures taken, a Pennsylvania couple had an even better idea: head to Target.

Scroll down to hear more about the couple, the magical shoot, and Erica Whiting, the amazing photographer behind these amazing pictures.

Aaron Damron and Tony DiPasqua are geniuses. Pretty much everyone loves Target. Not only can you buy everything you’d need or want in one place, but you can also hit up the in-store Starbucks for an iced latte while you shop. That’s exactly what Damron and DiPasqua loved about Target, but they were the only ones smart enough to have their engagement photoshoot there.

What’s not to love? As DiPasqua told Bolde via Facebook message, “Early on in our relationship, Target became one of our go-to spots. We love wandering the aisles looking for deals and just spending time together. We are not outdoorsy people ― you won’t find us on a trail on the weekends, but we love to ‘bum around’ and go from store to store looking for good deals, especially at Target. We wanted a spot for our pictures that represented us – we love shopping (and Target) – Aaron suggested the idea and we love how the pictures turned out.”

Erica Whiting is the photographer behind the amazing shoot. The local Pennsylvania photographer, who owns Erica Whiting Photography, was chosen by the couple because they felt she truly “got” them and made them feel comfortable. “One of the biggest things we’re thankful for is finding a photographer that truly understood who we were as a couple. Without that element, I’m not sure the photos would’ve ever turned out the way Erica shot them,” Damron said. “Being comfortable with your photographer is what we think made this what it is. So just be you and make sure you’re comfortable with your photographer.”

She’ll be shooting their wedding too. Damron and DiPasqua loved the results of their Target engagement photoshoot as well as the way Whiting shot them so much, they decided to hire her again for their upcoming wedding, and for good reason. She clearly does an amazing job at capturing the joy and love between the couple and will no doubt bring those same skills to the couple’s big day.

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