Target Is Selling A Halloween Cookie Manor House & We’re Starving Already

I love Halloween for a multitude of reasons, from the creepy decorations to the scary movies and everything in between. My favorite part of the holiday, however, has got to be all the delicious goodies. While I’m perfectly content with a pillow case full of fun-sized Snickers, now that Target is selling a chocolate Halloween cookie manor house, my appetite has changed.

  1. It’s made by the awesome Hyde & EEK! Boutique. Yep, those are the same folks who brought us that adorable light-up corgi in a bee costume. Basically, whoever’s running this brand is a damn genius and should be given all the… awards (or whatever is given to amazing brand leaders, like loads of money I guess?) for giving us such amazing Halloween goodness.
  2. It’s “pre-baked and easy to assemble.” Could you bake your own hard cookies to serve as a haunted house’s walls and then buy loads of icing and decorative options to put something like this together yourself? Eh, maybe. Are you going to? No, because you’re lazy like me. This Halloween cookie manor house is all ready for assembly so the effort you need to put in really is minimal.
  3. It comes with some pretty cool decorations. In addition to being pre-baked, you also get all the little accessories you need to make the spookiest cookie manor house out there. You get black, orange, and green icing as well as sprinkles and decorative candies. Just try not to eat all of that before you actually put the house together.
  4. They do other Halloween cookie goodies too. If you want to make things super fancy and make a whole haunted village out of cookies, you can also grab a cookie graveyard and even a mini cookie cottage, because not everyone is rich and can afford to live in a manor house, OK? All of these awesome treats will likely sell out soon, so you’ll have to be quick in ordering. Grab your cookie goodies by clicking any of the links above or going HERE.
Piper is a NYC-based writer who loves dogs, iced coffee, and calling people out on their BS.