Target Is Selling A Light-Up Corgi In A Bee Costume For Halloween & It’s Adorable

Look, I know Halloween is supposed to be all about the scary stuff, and I’m totally into it. But does that mean it can’t also be a little cute too? While Cujo may be a little more seasonally appropriate, Hyde & Eek! Boutique has gone in a different direction and they’re selling a light-up corgi in a bee costume at Target. How adorable is this thing?!

Who doesn’t love dogs? Dogs in general are basically the best things ever, so I’m always happy when they’re incorporated into holiday decorations, regardless of which holiday that is. Putting dogs in costumes only ups the ante, and turning a dog into a bee is basically peak adorableness.

It lights up! This adorable corgi stands 16.5″ tall and has 25 incandescent lights so that he can even be seen at night. When you plug him in, he glows all over like the good boy he truly is. Aww!

It’s safe for display indoors and out. Whether you want to have this pup in your living room or keep it in your front yard (don’t worry, it comes with ground stakes to keep him safely in place), you can put him anywhere. You can even buy more than one and fill your whole property with little bumblebee corgis! What an amazing idea.

If corgis aren’t your thing, you have other options. Because Target clearly caters to the holiday lover in all of us, they like to give us options. If you don’t really like corgis (blasphemy!) or you simply want more adorable Halloween pups to add to your collection, they also sell a pirate Scotty dog, a pirate French bulldog, and even a black cat in a pumpkin! I need them all!

The reviewers agree: this is the best decoration ever. If you love Halloween but aren’t as big of a fan of the blood and gore side of things, you have adorable options here. Grab your light-up bumblebee corgi HERE on the Target website, but be quick because it’s probably going to sell out soon!

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