Woman On Trial For Decapitating Her Lover Attacks Her Own Lawyer In Court

Woman On Trial For Decapitating Her Lover Attacks Her Own Lawyer In Court Brown County Jail | Fox News 6 Miami

A Wisconsin woman awaiting trial for allegedly decapitating her lover in February 2022 lashed out and attacked her own lawyer in court. Taylor Denise Schabusiness is accused of the brutal murder of Shad Thyrion, with the 25-year-old allegedly strangling him after they smoked meth before decapitating and dismembering him and leaving his head in a bucket in his mother’s basement.

In case you don’t remember the case, you may not have heard about the aftermath of the horrific crime. Schabusiness told police to “have fun trying to find all of [Thyrion’s] organs” when questioned. She told them that “all of the body parts should be in the basement” but that “there should be a foot or a leg in the minivan.” In addition, she admitted to leaving the victim’s head in a bucket and covering it with a blanket. She admitted that she liked the feeling of choking the victim to death.

Schabusiness appeared in Brown County circuit court on Tuesday, February 14, when she suddenly went berzerk on her own lawyer, Quinn Jolly, per Fox6 News Milwaukee. The attack happened after Jolly asked Judge Thomas J. Walsh to get his client’s court date moved back so they could determine whether or not she’s in any fit state to even stand trial.

Taylor Denise Schabusiness seems in no fit state to stand trial

The judge ultimately agreed to the request, moving the date from March 6 to May 15. This didn’t work for Schabusiness. She immediately stood up and lunged at Jolly before trying to elbow him in the face. A security guard sprung into action to pull her to the ground and restrain her.

The judge then adjourned that court session and instead moved her competency hearing to March 6. However, Jolly likely won’t be representing her at that time. He announced he’d be removing himself from the case as he no longer wanted to be her lawyer. Who could blame him?

Taylor Denise Schabusiness previously pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity after she was charged with third-degree sexual assault, mutilating a corpse, and first-degree intentional homicide. The 25-year-old has remained in custody ever since, and is being held on $2 million bail leading up to her trial.

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