Taylor Swift Shocks Fans After Driving Head-First Into Stage During Concert

Taylor Swift isn’t exactly the kind of artist you’d expect to do a stage dive mid-concert, but that’s exactly what shocked fans were treated to during one of the opening concerts of her Eras Tour in Arizona. A video of the stunt, which showed Swift doing her best professional diver pose going head-first into the stage, started making the rounds on Twitter and TikTok almost immediately. Needless to say, fans are in awe.


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  1. The Taylor Swift stage dive came out of nowhere. In videos of the stunt, the singer wears a long green dress while singing “You Belong With Me.” Suddenly, without warning, she puts her hands above her head in a diving position and down she goes.
  2. But wait, it gets better! This wasn’t just a clever way for Swift to leave the stage towards the end of her show. Once she’s gone, a pre-recorded video of Swift swimming is then projected onto the stage. The real Swift is busy doing a wardrobe change and soon “resurfaces” from under the “water” to sing “Lavender Haze.”
  3. Fans were absolutely loving it. Even those who weren’t lucky enough to see Taylor Swift stage dive in person were awed by the video. “EXCUSE ME TAYLOR SWIFT JUST DID A DIVE HEAD FIRST INTO THE STAGE WHAT,” one person tweeted. Another added: “Aside from being a 12-time grammy winner, a doctor, a director, one of the most acclaimed songwriter of the music industry, and having a record-breaking career in the arts, taylor swift is now searching for that swimming olympic medal, look at that dive.”
  4. Some people weren’t so sure about it, however. Those with reservations mostly worried about how safe the stunt was. After all, the star has to dive into a pretty small gap in the stage, which always carries a risk of injury. “This gives me anxiety bc what is she misses bye bye tour,” one Swiftie in particular questioned.
  5. Swift always outdoes herself on tour. Every time she heads out on the road, she always ups the ante on the show she offers her fans. And hey, given that some tickets were going for thousands of dollars, that seems about right. This stunt is but one element of the show that fans will love. The whole tour looks incredible!
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