Teen Boy Gives Valentine’s Day Flowers To Every One Of His Female Classmates So They ‘Feel Loved And Special’

Valentine’s Day is a totally overrated holiday, but it can be particularly painful and dramatic for teenagers. That’s why one incredibly thoughtful Texas sophomore, Jayme Wooley, decided to make the day a little bit brighter for every single girl at Axtell High School near Waco by giving them each a flower to commemorate the holiday and help them feel “loved and special.”

  1. Wooley bought 170 flowers to give out to the girls in his school. After seeing that many of the girls didn’t receive Valentine’s Day gifts the year before, Wooley knew he wanted to do something to make sure no one felt left out this year. “Over the past couple of years that I’ve been at Axtell, not all of the girls were able to get flowers and stuff. Sometimes, it’d just be a secret admirer or popular girls,” he told CNN. “It felt heartbreaking knowing that not every girl was feeling special.”
  2. Every girl between sixth and 12th grade received a flower. The 15-year-old asked his mom to help him get the flowers and he stood outside handing them to the girls as they walked in. It was immediately clear how happy many of them were to receive the surprise. Fellow sophomore Kennedi Sherrill was particularly touched, saying, “He handed me a flower and I thought it was really special because not everyone gets a flower on Valentine’s Day.”
  3. His mom wasn’t at all surprised by the gesture. As she says, her son has always been incredibly thoughtful and caring and she was more than happy to help him with this. “He’s always been that type of kid,” Wooley’s mom, Amy Gordon, said. “It made me very happy that he was thinking about others and how he’s thinking about everybody and not just one girl.”
  4. Wooley would love to continue the tradition every year. After seeing how well it went down, he wants to keep the tradition going for the rest of his high school career. “I’ll probably never forget that moment of just seeing their faces brighten up. I don’t want anybody to feel less important than anyone else,” he said. Oh, and just FYI, Wooley says he’s still single.
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