Teen Brings His Mom As His Prom Date Since She Missed Hers When She Was Pregnant With Him

For American high school students, senior prom is a rite of passage. Getting dressed up and heading to the dancefloor with your boyfriend/girlfriend or even just your friends and partying all night long is something memories are made of for many students, but not everyone gets to experience it. That’s why 18-year old Nassir from Philadelphia decided to take his mom as his date since she missed her prom due to being pregnant with him. They look incredible!

  1. The photos were first shared on Reddit. Taking to the MadeMeSmile sub, user LucDoesStuff shared a collaged photo of Nassir and his mom Fatima looking fly as hell on their way to prom. Fatima would have gone to her own 18 years ago, but she was saving her money to make sure her son had everything he needed. What a way for Nassir to pay her back all those years later!
  2. Those who hadn’t seen the photos the first time around were stunned. You may be wondering what high school was having a prom in 2020 given that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, but calm down – this was from back in 2017. However, when the photos started circulating again, everyone who hadn’t seen them the first time (myself included) totally fell in love.
  3. Philadelphia photographer Dionté Wade commemorated the special day. He was there to document the whole journey, catching both Nassir and Fatima looking absolutely incredible and having the time of their lives. “His mom killed it so gracefully,” Wade added in the comments, and I’ve never read a truer statement.
  4. This was a true moment to behold. Wade wanted as many people as possible to be aware of the story because it’s so heartwarming. “If there is any one act I can think of at this moment to define ‘DOPE’ it would be the story behind a senior prom send off I shot Friday,” he wrote at the time. “I witnessed a dope son full of pure excitement because he was able to make one his most memorable nights a shared experience with his mother, whom 18 yrs prior did not have an experience like this of her own.” Love this!!

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