Teen Girl Reveals She’s Dating Her Biological Father Following Reunion After 12 Years Of Estrangement

A teenage girl from the Great Lakes region has revealed that she’s in a romantic relationship with her biological father after being reunited with him following a 12-year estrangement. The 18-year-old admitted in an anonymous interview with The Cut that she fell in love with her dad, who’s 18 years her senior, when they were reunited when she was 17. They began a “consensual incest” relationship from that point on.

  1. The girl has never been close with her mom. In the interview, the girl revealed that she was conceived on prom night when her parents were 18 but that they broke up before she was born and her father was never really part of her life. In addition, her mother had a mental health condition and was unstable during the girl’s childhood, leading her to be raised by her grandparents. Because of this, they never had much of a relationship.
  2. She had contact with her father until she was about five. The girl also revealed that her father saw her on weekends starting from when she was about three until she was around five. He lived about an hour away and always drove to see her. She has fond memories of those early times they spent together. “He spoiled me rotten. I had this giant storage tote of Barbie dolls and I had my own Mary-Kate and Ashley bedroom. It was a little girl’s dream,” she recalled. “We’d sit in the yard blowing bubbles together, and he took me to the zoo where he bought me a stuffed animal that I kept until I was 16. I ended up washing it and stupidly put it in the dryer, which melted all its fur. I remember he gave me a miniature tea set. I still have it.”
  3. He then faded out of her life for the next decade. She admitted that she struggled with her dad’s absence from her life when he disappeared. “I’d wonder where he was, what he was doing. Why haven’t I seen him or heard from him? What did my mom do? What did he do? What did I do? My abandonment issues really hit when I was a teenager,” she said. “My mom and my stepfather took a break because they were fighting so much and I cried the entire time he was gone. I missed him, which was weird because we didn’t have much of a relationship. I asked myself, Why am I crying over someone I’m not even close to?”
  4. They were reunited more than a decade later. The girl’s father reached out when she was 15 saying she’d like to see him, and while her mother didn’t understand why she would want to, she was interested. However, they ultimately didn’t reunite until the girl was 17. She claims that her father was unable to stay in contact with her for all those years because her mother was so controlling and wouldn’t allow it, and it wasn’t until the teen was running her own Facebook account that she was able to accept her dad’s friend request and they began talking again.
  5. They realized they had a lot in common. The father and daughter liked the same TV shows and appreciated art, and that connection only grew when they actually got together in person. “You wouldn’t have believed we hadn’t been around each other for 12 years,” she said. She also admitted she felt a confusing attraction to her father, revealing, “It was so weird and confusing. I was seeing my dad for the first time in forever but it was also like, He’s so good-looking! And then I was like, What the hell are you thinking? What is wrong with you? I saw him as my dad but then also part of me was like, I’m meeting this guy who I have been talking to over the internet and really connecting with and I find him attractive.
  6. She went to stay with him, and that’s when things escalated. Wanting to escape her controlling mother, the girl went to stay at her father’s house and about five days into her stay, everything changed. While her dad was living with his girlfriend, he slept on the floor the first night she was there to make sure she was okay while sleeping on the couch. “Sleeping in new places makes me very anxious so I asked him to stay with me in case I had one of the terrible nightmares I usually experience. The second night I had him sleep on the couch again and then the third night I fell asleep with him on the floor lying on his chest, in his arms,” she recalled. “The fourth night rolled around and we ended up on the floor again. This time we actually cuddled. When he woke up, we were spooning. I didn’t know this at the time but later, after we admitted our feelings, he told me he had had ‘morning wood’ and had gone to fix it.”
  7. They later admitted they had feelings for each other. One thing led to another and they shared their first kiss. Soon after, they had sex, which was the girl’s first time. “I told him I wanted him to be the first person I made love to. We talked about how it could be awkward if it didn’t end up working out. He also said that if I didn’t feel comfortable at any point I should tell him,” she said.
  8. She doesn’t regret losing her virginity to her father. “It was insanely sensual. It lasted for about an hour and there was a lot of foreplay. We both had orgasms. We are so similar, so it’s so easy to sexually please each other. For example, we both love neck-biting. I’ve never been in a more passionate, loving, fulfilling situation,” she said of the experience. She insists she never felt forced or coerced into anything and was a willing participant.
  9. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel weird at all. Instead, the girl claims it felt “so natural” and that it “didn’t even feel taboo.” In reality, “I felt like I had just made love with a man who I’d been with for years.”
  10. Now they live together and are in a committed relationship. The girl says they live with a woman who her father dated for several years, and yes, the woman knows he’s in a relationship with his own daughter. In fact, they all consider themselves a happy family. “She found out when she heard us making love. I guess we didn’t realize how thin the bedroom floor was. She really didn’t mind. Now we’re like a little family. She calls me her daughter,” the girl said.
  11. A lot of people know about it. While you would assume this is the kind of thing people would keep quiet, the girl and her father are “out” to a lot of people in their lives. “Everyone on my mom’s side of the family sees us as father and daughter. Those who know that he’s my dad, and that we are engaged, include my father’s parents (they can see we are happy together and they can’t wait for us to have babies — they treat us just like any other couple), the woman we live with, and my best friend.”

There’s so much more to this interview – to read the full thing, head over to The Cut.

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