Teen Sex Worker Makes $2,000 And Sees Up To 21 Clients A Night

A 19-year-old sex worker has revealed that she earns nearly $2,000 (£1,500) a night and can take clients as close as two minutes apart. British-born Ellie appeared on the Channel 5 documentary Adults Only to give a peek into her life in the industry, showing a typical weekend of work in and around Manchester, where she’s based.

  1. Ellie definitely knows her worth. She revealed that she charges around £70 ($91) for every 15 minutes a client gets to spend with her. That’s £280 ($365) an hour and means that over the course of a single night, she can make up to £1,500 ($2,000).
  2. She doesn’t get much time between clients. Wanting to max out her earnings means that each and every night she’s on duty is pretty non-stop. In fact, her schedule is so packed that she often only has a couple of minutes between clients. “Obviously my first client has me fresh, with my makeup and my hair done, but once my first client’s gone I have to keep it up,” Ellie said. “I have to have a shower, have an outfit change. Sometimes it is literally like five minutes – two to five minutes – sometimes I have 30 minutes. It all depends on what people have booked in.”
  3. Sometimes it’s hard to find a good place to work. Admittedly, Ellie says that being in the sex industry makes it hard to find hotels that welcome her and her clients at times. “I have to look up for hotels that don’t have key card system so you can just go straight in the lift straight up to the room without a keycard,” she explained. “Most hotels are on it now. They are using key card systems to keep escorts working from hotel rooms.”
  4. Ellie likes a room with a peephole. After all, you want to see who’s behind the door, right? “If you got like peephole, you can actually see the client that’s knocking on your door before you actually open that door,” she said. “For me, that door is like a safety.”
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