10 Things You Can Tell About A Guy Just From His Apartment

Whether you’re embarking on a new relationship or just enjoying a single night of fun together, you can learn a ton about a new guy just by spending a few minutes in his apartment. The way a person lives says a lot about their values, personality, and goals. Pay attention to these things the next time you’re scoping out a new dude’s digs.

  1. When you’re in his bathroom, notice his towels.Did he hang them up after his last shower or were they carelessly tossed in a pile on the floor to mildew? If a guy can’t be bothered to pick up after his damn self when he’s living alone, he’s unlikely to change that habit if he’s sharing his space with someone else. You aren’t his maid, and you deserve better than a guy who treats you like one.
  2. His place smells like something may have died. Nothing kills the mood faster than walking into a guy’s apartment and getting hit in the face with the stench of rotting food and dirty laundry. It doesn’t exactly take hours upon hours of effort to keep an apartment from getting to the point of grossness where it smells rank upon entry. This shows that he isn’t willing to put in the bare minimum effort needed to keep his place from becoming a disgusting mess.
  3. He has a bookshelf that actually contains, you know, books.I don’t care what he reads (within reason, obvs) as long as he reads something. If a guy is interested in reading, that tells me that he’s curious, intellectually aware, and goes deeper than the surface. And holy crap is that super freaking sexy to me.
  4. He has ALL of the new game systems.I’m not a video game hater by any means, and I’m always happy to take down a dude in a game of Madden. However, if all of his money and free times is sunk into his video games, that’s definitely a red flag. A guy who takes his life seriously and is ready to move on with is life isn’t likely to make video games such a priority in his life.
  5. If he has roommates, try to get a vibe from them.You might be able to get a sense of what this guy’s all about by just spending a few minutes in the company of the people he lives with. Do you get the sneaking suspicion that maybe you’re not the first girl he’s brought home this week alone? Check their reactions to your presence in their shared space. Also, it’s a serious red flag if his roommates seem not to like him very much; the people who live with you often know you best.
  6. Does he have any fluffy pals hanging around his pad?Were the two of you greeted at the door by an enthusiastic furry friend? He might be ready for a commitment. For a lot of guys, a pet is their first step into a long-term relationship. He’s willing to put the time and energy into loving and caring for his pet and in nurturing the relationship between them. A commitment with another human might not be too far off.
  7. Does he, God forbid, still sleep in a twin bed?Girl, run. If he’s not living in a dorm or something similar, there is absolutely ZERO excuse to be sleeping in a twin bed as a grown man. If he isn’t even in a place where he’s willing to upgrade his sleeping arrangement to a more couple-friendly option, you definitely shouldn’t expect him to commit to anything more than a roll in the undersized sheets.
  8. His home decor includes something he stole from public property.Unless this dude in his teens or early twenties, he shouldn’t be boasting about his rebellious ways to everyone who enters his home. Proudly displaying something he stole can be a sign of immaturity and a lack of respect for others. Best case scenario, he may lack boundaries that could embarrass you if you were to get serious with him.
  9. His place is a total bachelor pad.If his apartment looks like Barney Stinson’s, you can expect him to behave like Barney Stinson. A pimped-out, overly dude-friendly apartment is a pretty loud alarm that you’re dealing with an immature loser. Homeboy is gonna treat himself, and a girl isn’t going to be part of the equation. However, take advantage of it while you’re there. He probably has some cool stuff and awesome smelling soaps.
  10. His bed is made, even if it’s not perfect.If a guy takes the time every morning to make his bed like a damn adult, it’s a huge “YAS” for me. It’s a small thing, yes, but it shows that he’s willing to make a habit out of being an adult. If his bed is in order, the rest of his life might be too.
Whitney is a freelance writer from New England. She's a professional content creator, lifestyle blogger, and news junkie. Follow her on Twitter if you're not turned off by snark and political takes.