The 10 Commandments Of Dating

The 10 Commandments Of Dating ©iStock/Steevy84

There are some unspoken rules in dating that are supposed to lead to a successful relationship, and when you break these rules, bad things happen. We all know it, yet we sometimes stray – and we’re almost always sorry when we do. In general, I’m all about breaking rules, making your own, or not following any to begin with — but I also know that these 10 commandments of dating are better off being followed.

  1. You’re responsible for and need to take charge of your own happiness. Don’t expect a man to make you happy if you’re unhappy with your life. You don’t need him to be happy, and being with him just because you want him to transform your life is immature and a recipe for disaster. Figure your crap out first before you go hunting for a relationship
  2. Your boyfriend is not a god, so don’t treat him that way. Spoiling him sometimes is cute, and letting him know you think he’s amazing is also really sweet. But taking this too far and doing everything for him like you’re his mother will only destroy your relationship in the long-term. It’s great that’s he’s an amazing dude, but he isn’t a god. Just remember that.
  3. Don’t talk crap about your man unless you want him to find out. We all vent, and it’s normal to want to talk over a crappy argument with a girlfriend or to ask for advice. But beware — if you constantly badmouth him to people, he will find out and probably wonder why you’re together in the first place if you’re so unhappy.
  4. Make real time for one another. Once you get comfortable, it can be easy to get into life’s routines and forget to make one another a priority in your downtime (or to create downtime for each other in general). You don’t want to let your spark fizzle, so make sure to make time to spend together.
  5. Family (and those that are basically family) come first. It can get really hard to figure out when your man counts as family, and when it’s OK to put him before anyone else. If your relationship is still in its early stages, though, you really need to be careful you don’t alienate the people who love you. If your relationship crashes and burns, you want them to still be there for you, right?
  6. Break up with him if you’re unhappy. Don’t stay until you basically want to kill him. We’re not meant to spend our lives being miserable. Do both of you a favor and leave your relationship if it’s sinking. You’re far better off alone than with someone who makes you dread every day.
  7. Don’t freakin cheat! Just don’t do it.
  8. Don’t knowingly be the other woman. It’s happened to a lot of us, and it’s really crappy.  If you come to find out that you’re his mistress, cut that crap out immediately. Same for finding out that you’re supposed to be his girlfriend and he’s out sleeping with other women behind your back. You deserve so much more, so don’t put up with it under any circumstances.
  9. Don’t be a liar. White lies happen, even big, messy lies happen, too. He doesn’t always need to know every single detail, but being a habitual liar makes you untrustworthy and gets to a point where you wont be able to keep up with what’s even real anymore. Be an adult, tell the truth, and accept the consequences.
  10. Don’t be so damn jealous all the time. Jealousy blows. It makes you look insecure and act like a lunatic, and makes your guy feel like you don’t trust him. Make an effort not to be so jealous and try to appreciate that other women find him amazing. It’s a compliment to your good taste! Basically, don’t be a tool.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314