These Terrible Dating Trends Are Actually Blessings In Disguise

If only finding love was a simple and straightforward process! Alas, it seems like finding a solid partner/relationship is all but impossible. Everyone hates being the victim of the latest dating trends, but they can actually be good for you at times. Don’t believe me? Here’s why it’s true.

You get ghosted.

It really sucks when your partner ghosts you. Just like that, they disappear into thin air. But if you’re honest with yourself, isn’t it better that they’re gone? If they’re not willing to commit to you, you don’t need that negativity in your life. Better to know what you’re dealing with before things become serious.

You meet a zombie.

He ghosted you, then he came back. It’s called “zombieing.” It’s like he’s trying to resurrect your relationship. The best thing about this trend is that you get the final word that you never got when the a-hole ghosted you the first time around! While he’s begging you to take him back, now you can tell him where to shove it.

You’re faded out.

You thought you and the guy you were dating were on the path to a happy relationship, but then he slow-faded you. From calling and seeing you all the time, now he texts once in a while. Communication is getting less and less frequent. Use the opportunity to resist the urge to try to persuade him to be with you when clearly he doesn’t want to. Hey, it’s a great way to grow! You’ll leave this experience so much stronger.

You’re his cushion.

Cushioning is when a guy keeps you around, flirting with you and giving you hope in case his primary relationship falls through. It sucks to have to deal with such a jerk, but there’s a bright side to being cushioned. You can test the waters on your casual dating tolerance. Could you be with someone who keeps you on the DL and wants no strings attached (now, or probably ever)? Use the experience to learn more about yourself and what you want.

You’re friend-zoned.

 This is the trend that happens every year without fail. Although it’s rumored to only happen to men, it happens to women, too. It can be damaging, but you know what? You might end up with an amazing friendship. Bear in mind, it’s not worth pining over the guy who put you into the friend zone because sometimes, the guys who make fantastic friends make beastly boyfriends. Fact.

You’re his cuffing partner. 

Cuffing season is here! It’s when you get with someone so that you can survive the winter months in a cocoon of love and affection. Honestly, if the guy you wanted a relationship with only wants you for cuffing season, figure out if maybe that’s what you want too. There’s nothing wrong if you do. If not, buy the guy an electric blanket to keep him warm. It’s the best gift you’ll ever give him because you’re too hot for him.

You get haunted.

You ended things with him, but now he’s showing up on your Instagram and Facebook. He might leave a comment or “like” something, before disappearing. See, he makes you think he wants a relationship sequel, only he never does. Bastard. But hey, if he’s snooping around your social media, you now have the opportunity to do it back to him and he can’t call you a stalker.

You’re phubbed.

You’ll be surprised by how much you can notice about your date when he’s got his face plastered to his phone all night instead of talking to you. For example, you might see that from this angle, he’s got really bad skin or he’s going gray prematurely which could hint at a really stressful lifestyle that no one in their 20s should be living. Seriously, though, being phubbed is the perfect opportunity to check your own emails and messages. And then never speak to the guy again.

You’re catfished.

This is one of the scariest dating trends. You think you know someone by what they show you online, only to discover they’re putting up a fake profile or pictures that belong to some unknown model. Yikes. But it makes for an awesome dating story to tell your friends, so there’s that. At least no one said your dating life was boring.

You find yourself in an almost relationship

You thought he was going to commit, but then he doesn’t. You wanted him to invite you to meet his family, but he pulled out at the last minute. Hey, you’re in an almost relationship. It’s not all bad, though. You’re getting to see just how far the guy is willing to go for you, and clearly he’s “almost” but not quite perfect. It’s a sign to move on. You’ll thank yourself later.

You get swindled into freeclimbing.

What’s free climbing, you ask? It’s when people research their crushes and partners online to try to learn more about them. Hey, everyone does it, and this trend doesn’t have to be so bad. If you suspect him of doing it to you, go ahead and check out his social media accounts or Google him. You never know what you might find, and it could save your time from getting wasted on a jerk.

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