Baby In Texas Left Fighting For Life After Being Injected With Heroin By Mom

Baby In Texas Left Fighting For Life After Being Injected With Heroin By Mom Tom Green County Jail

A 21-year-old Texas woman has been arrested for allegedly injecting her baby with heroin, leaving the little girl fighting for her life in the hospital. The 2-month-old was found unconscious at a home in San Angelo, with authorities noticing multiple injection marks on her head and limbs, leading to the arrest of 21-year-old Destiny Harbour, KTXS reports.

Tom Green County Jail

  1. Harbour gave birth to the baby at the same house in August. She told police that she cut the umbilical cord and tied it with a shoelace after giving birth. Harbour continued to live at the house with her mother and mother’s boyfriend, but authorities noted that the baby hadn’t received any medical care whatsoever since birth.
  2. Police discovered many concerning things inside the house. While authorities immediately determined that the baby had been injected with heroin after she tested positive for the drug, they also found drug paraphernalia as well as bits of suspected heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and pills in the house during a search.
  3. Harbour’s mother and her mother’s partner were also charged. In addition to arresting Destiny, police have also arrested Christin Bradley, 37, and her partner Dustin Smock, 34, both of whom face charges for serious bodily injury to a child along with Harbour. If convicted, they stand to spend a long time behind bars, as they should. However, no formal charges have been filed at the time of writing.
  4. The baby should have been given medical care much sooner. Smock claimed that he and Bradley put the baby down to sleep and went to brush their teeth but that the baby had stopped breathing moments later when they returned, so they decided to call 911. However, officials say they should have gotten medical attention much sooner as the baby was experiencing cardiorespiratory failure when she finally got to the hospital and had turned blue.
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