12 Texts Pretty Much Every Single Woman Has Received From A Guy

When you’re single, loads of creepy and annoying guys seem to crawl out of the woodwork to text you things you really wish they wouldn’t. Here are 12 messages you’ve surely received if you’re rolling solo


Is the guy a Kardashian who loves the letter “k”? Seriously, what’s with this letter? It’s not even a full word! Is he that lazy to send you a proper reply or even “OK”? It’s so infuriating, most of all because you don’t know if he’s mad about something or just pathetic.

“You up?”

This is why we put our phones on airplane mode before hitting the sack. There’s nothing more annoying than being woken up from delicious sleep by a guy who’s clearly drunk, bored, or horny and needs entertainment from us. It’s best not to reply. Chances are he doesn’t want conversation anyway.

“Send me a pic.”

You’re talking about something really interesting when the guy asks for another pic. Ugh. Seriously? You know what he wants and it’s not a picture of you in a classy full-length dress at your friend’s engagement party. This type of text just feels so sleazy, especially when you don’t know the guy well.

“Why are you single?”

When he asks you this, he probably thinks it’s a compliment, as in, “How can such a smart/gorgeous/amazing woman like you be single?” In reality, it’s kind of insulting. Why shouldn’t an incredible woman be single? Your worth doesn’t depend on a man’s attention.

“Hey stranger.”

He was the one who decided to stop texting you but now he’s back out of the blue and wants to chat. He also wants to act like nothing happened so he can just go on as normal. But honestly, this feels like he’s saying you’re being distant because of your issues. Meanwhile, he’s the one with issues. What BS. It’s even worse to receive this text after you’ve successfully gotten over someone. You don’t want them creeping back into the picture.

“Come out with me and my buddies.”

Yup, it’s late and you want to sleep or do your own thing, but now he’s asking you out with his buddies. Talk about an anticlimax. You can think of better things to do than stand around a club with all of his drunk mates.

“I’ll text you later.”

Everyone’s received this text at some point or another. If the guy’s a decent person, he really will message later. If he’s shady, he’ll disappear for a few days if not longer.

“Good morning.”

It’s cute to receive a “good morning” text, but if he’s sending it every single day, it can start to feel really boring. It’s also weird if he’s sending these two words without actually asking if you’re having a good morning or what you have planned for the day. This is the classic guy who wants to check in and keep himself on your radar but he doesn’t actually make an effort. He should make this type of text more interesting!

“Hey guys…”

The group text is one of the worst to receive. You open a text from your crush thinking it’s a personal message meant only for you, only to realize that he’s probably sending it to all his contacts. To make matters worse, the material is usually boring. He might be keeping his contacts up to date on some or other boring issue or inviting everyone out to a party. Ugh. Talk about a waste of a text message. It just feels so impersonal.

“I’ll let you know.”

You asked him if he’d like to get together on the weekend and he sends you this lame message. Ugh. Deep down you know that if he really wanted to get together, he’d make plans right away. He wouldn’t leave you hanging for hours or days (or forever). Some dudes who send this text never actually let the woman know, which is so rude. It’s like they were abducted by aliens or something.

“We should make a plan.”

Similar to the “I’ll let you know” message, this one is all about making you think that he’s keen to organize a date. Again, if he can’t organize something now, what’s he waiting for? If he’s currently busy at work and can’t let you know, he’ll let you know really soon—as in, later that day—not leave you hanging like that in dating purgatory.

No words, just a pic of his junk.

Sadly, most women will have received an unsolicited d*ck pic at least once. It’s such a nasty thing to do. It’s like he’s basically saying, “I’m horny and don’t want to talk about your hobbies. Look at my junk instead.” How is that supposed to be appealing?

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